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Back in the swing of it

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boy, this morning was tuff! I have SO enjoyed the past week with Kyle on Spring Break. It was wonderful to have a leisurely morning to get ready, iron clothes and make coffee and head out the door ahead of schedule....and leave Bubba fast asleep in bed....ahhhhhh...pure bliss.

Well NOT this morning...it was back to another crazy morning in the Owens household. Drag Kyle out of bed by his toes, make breakfast, make lunches (for him & me) make coffee, dose out med's(allergy and ADD/ADHD) iron shirts, find gym clothes, dig around in Kyles book bag only to find the letter from school that says the National Junior Honor Ceremony is tomorrow...and then to top it off Kyle decides he needs to pull a tooth this morning!!!! What's up with that? I thought he was done loosing teeth( I think I may have to Goggle that and check) other wise he just pulled an adult tooth and that adds one more to the list of 4 teeth we are already short...GOOD GRIEF!!!!

So really I think Spring Break SUCKS! By the time I get back in the swing of things and into my routine again school will be over...I think they should just call it quits and end the school year now......any takers????

ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

I always wondered why parents enjoyed their children being out of school for the summer and holidays. Now I know. I'm tired just thinking about your morning routine.

scrapwordsmom said...

LoVE your new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm grabbing a button:)

scrapwordsmom said...

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....I tried adding your button and it didn't work. Anyone else having trouble with this???

Tamela said...

I had trouble with her button too when I tried to add it. :(

Beach Belle said...

I try to be positive, but I tell ya, I have a bad case of the Mondays on the regular! Hopefully the morning routine will get easier as the week goes on.

Bridget said...

The week after Spring Break is usually the worst! :(

Kristi said...

I felt that way when I didnt have Jackson on his mom's spring break. It was so nice to just enjoy Bailey and do more without taking someone elses child with me!

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