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Summer Must have's

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Since it has already hit the 90's here in North Carolina, I thought I would share with you some of my ultimate summer must haves. If you are an avid reader/stalker you already know how much time my boys & I spent at the beach and out on our boat. So here are some items I never leave at home.

This baby right here is Nutri- Vitamin Spray from Aloette. It is made for 100% pure pharmaceutical grade aloe. I use it after tanning or boating and it is the best thing EVER invented for sunburn(it is also great when you put in on after shaving to reduce redness and razor burn)

I love my(or should I say Kyles) IPOD. We have over 1000 songs downloaded and it goes everywhere with us.....we are a family that loves our music (country, big hair bands and all the old school mixes too)

I love my Chapstick w/ SPF. Chris always puts at least one tube in my stocking every year at Christmas and it will last me until the next Christmas. Nobody wants burned lips!!!!

This is another MUST have. I started using this product last summer. It is Avon's Skin-So-Soft body gel. You can use it after you shower and it doubles as your moisturizer and bug repellent all-in-one(since we do live here in the South and raise mosquito's big enough to tote a small child off into the night!!!!) It also has a very soft wonderful scent!

I LOVE all of the body mist by Victoria Secret but this is my FAV! It is called Sexy Little Things. I usually switch to the body sprays in the summer because they are lighter and not as heavy smelling as perfume.

And last but not least...and definitely not forgotten...my flops!!!! Not only flops, but Rainbows flip flops. Never leave home without them!!!!! The match everything(even cute summer dresses and skirts paired with a short jean jacket) I have to say that flops and purses are my #1 fetish. I hate for my feat to be covered....it drives my INSANE! I hate socks and slippers...my feet gotta breath, so as soon as the temps rise above 50 my toesy's come out!
Hope you guys enjoyed my list...no go get some of these for your self!


Bridget said...

Must have the Chapstik and the Flops! Love your list! :D

Wow, the 90's.....

Cathy said...

I'm the only one in the family that doesn't have an Ipod. However, I have a bunch of tunes downloaded on my phone and I can use it like an Ipod.

Love the flip flops.

Garrett and Meagan said...

i have to try the aloe spray!!! love the list!!!!

Kristi said...

I will have to try some of that nutri-vitamin spray! Never heard of it. Anything to help with the tan. I sat outside during naptime this week trying to get a tan. I love a tan!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

Love your list!! Flip Flops just make me feel FUN!:) And I can so relate to the IPOD and music. We are music maniacs!!:)

I found you blog on SITS today and I LOVE it!! Love the cool "beachy" feel. I will be back:)


Beach Belle said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

I love your list and mine is almost exactly the same!!

Oh - and yes, I live about 2 hours from the beach! :)

Michelle said...

I was just talking to a friend about the skeeters on Ocracoke Island...they are so big, they could valet park your car! LOL

Skin-So-Soft is a must around here but I've never seen or used the gel. And, that aloe spray? Must have some. Now.

Great list...think I might "steal" your idea. ;)

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