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if you were a USB cord...where would you be?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

.......not in the drawer where you belong, that's for sure!
Sooooooo...... that is why there has been a lack of pictures on my blog the past few weeks. They are all safely taking a nap in my camera cause my USB cord has grown legs and jetted off to some unknown place(and not under Kyle's bed or in his God forsaken bathroom...cause I already checked there!)
I have SO many pictures to share with you guys.
Me meeting Nicholas Sparks!
My Birthday!
And of course some muddy shots of the Bubba!
So I am off to look some more....wish me luck!

And so far in my effort looking for the USB cord I have made almost a buck in change, a silly band and some stale popcorn (it's amazing what you find while digging under the couch cushions!)


Tamela said...

aw Good luck on finding it! I can't wait to see those Nicholas Sparks pictures!!!

sending vibes your way to find that USB cord!

Tamela said...

Oh and don't forget my blog has moved!


Together We Save said...

I hate it when things sprout legs!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Hmm. You have been reading my blog too long, sorry. Things around here always have feet. My phone? Ugh.

Mary said...

Stupid USB cord... hope you find it! :)

Bridget said...

Hehehe! Hope you find it soon!

T said...

I say go buy a new one! We need pictures!!

Cathy said...

Don't ya just hate it when that happens!

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