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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have any of you watched this show yet????

Are you kidding ME!

Can you believe this freak of a man thinks it is okay to have 3 wives and one he has proposed to?

(and for those of you who live in Utah that follow my blog and agree that this practice is "okay"....then maybe you should stop following my blog!)

Anyhoo, I watched it for the first time last night and I know I have missed a few episodes so I was trying to take all this junk in a figure out what these women see in that fruit cake of a man! Everything they said to him he took as a joke, he was never serious or sincere. His first wife he has been with for 20 years!!!!! The 2nd wife 17 years and the 3rd wife 16 years. between all the wives I think I counted 13 kids (but I could have missed one or two as they ran around amuck).....does this show scare anyone else besides me?

At one point in the show, the 3 wives go to the jewelry store to buy "the soon-to-be" 4th wife a ring....um, yep...I ain't joking!

Oh, and from what I can tell they have more than one house (with a wife in each I guess) and he makes rounds between them.

And it gets even better...wifey #3 went into labor and while Dad was trying to head out the door to the hospital to be with her while she gives birth to HIS child he stops to get all lovey on the front porch with the "soon-to-be" wifey #4....and got busted by the camera man!!!

These women must have NO respect for themselves or any understanding of what a marriage should be. I'll be dag gone if I am sharing my husband with 3 other women...this world is just going crazy!!!!!!!


Mary said...

I couldn't agree with you more! That guys is just sick. Well the woman aren't any better for being ok with all of it. I read in a magazine that their local police are investigating them to see if the marriages are legal or whatever.

I wasn't going to watch the show but I got curious so I watched about 20 minutes of it. Then I was done! First off it was boring. They are people just like everyone (except from the obvious 3 wives part) but their show had nothing going on. It's like having people come into our house and watch us for a day. Believe me you would be bored. Well you may laugh a little too. But over all that show is sick and TLC shouldn't have aired it.

Phew... i'm done :) LOL

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

The whole freaking clan of them (minus the kids I hope) is on Oprah today. I refuse to even watch it. I'm with you... it's plain WRONG!!!

T said...

The older kids were on Oprah too. I don't usually watch Oprah (am certainly not a fan of hers) and haven't seen this show but I watched it today once I turned it on. Crazy is right! He thinks it's ok to have four wives but when one asked how he would feel if she had another man on the side, he didn't like the thought of it.

Bridget said...

Yep, it's icky! Haven't watched it and won't, but I saw them on some show (maybe The Today Show?) and wasn't impressed.

Cathy said...

I haven't seen it and hadn't even heard of it until a friend was telling me about it today. I guess it takes all kinds. But I'm like you, ain't no way I'm sharing my man with anyone!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh dear. This does not sound like a good show. It will make people think worse of an already bad situation, which is probably NOT what those who "agree" with it would want!

Stephanie said...

I completely agree. I just don't get how anyone could live that way. Although I will shamefully admit that I watch the show and am slightly entertained, mainly because I'm nosy and love to see into other people's lives that are completely different than mine.

Anonymous said...

So sad. I wonder what kind of women would actually agree to that sort of thing!

Tamela said...

I haven't watched an episode yet. I don't know if I really want too..

Jenna said...

Oh My gosh trish i'm OBSESSED with this show!!! it's a trainwreck I can't stop staring at!! What is wrong with these people!? Have you noticed how cocky the dad is? It's like he's so proud to have four wives...so weird. How are they not jealous?! i would be beating some other wives down!!

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