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Why I woggel?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trust me, several times in the beginning I asked myself the same question.

What is Woggeling you ask???
It is a slow mix between walking & jogging. I started about 3 weeks ago walking in the area we live.(thank God it is off the beaten path and main roads so I can spare everyone from seeing my boobs bounce sky high and my thighs rubbing together until smoke begins to rise!) The path is a little over 1.6 miles and when I started I walked the entire way. Then after a few days I would jog a bit, then slow back down to walk...then a jog...then a walk...and so on.

And as the days have passed I have gotten better & better at it...and then last night....I jogged farther than I EVER have...YAY ME! I jogged at least 3/4 of a mile!!!!

I was so excited and proud of myself I had to call The Fisherman right away and tell him what I had accomplished, except I don't think he could make out all of my words in between my pants & gasps for fresh oxygen!

Chris has always been an avid runner. I even tried it with him a few times but trying to run with him telling me when to breath and how to breath I thought I was gonna die.

"breath in on your left foot and out on your right"

well holy moses...If I tried to breath like that I would hyper ventilate and pass slam out!

But I have to admit, I am really beginning to enjoy it. I never in a million years thought those words would come out of my mouth. Before, I would never have said that I enjoyed running...unless it was running out for ice cream or something...but I do! I really enjoy it!!!

I am even thinking that I want to enter my first 5K soon. I know I won't be able to jog the entire thing but I would really love to do it, yay know, to be able to say that I finished a 5K race...I can't imagine how amazing that would feel.....and maybe I wouldn't come in last :O)


T said...

Well...look.at.you! I wish we were off the beaten path and then maybe I would try it. The breathing always gets me and I end up with side stitches. Keep it up and enter a 5K if that's your goal...go for it!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Good for you! I hope to get back into my running (which is actually more of woggeling!) routine once this baby is born and I've had my time to recover.

Tamela said...

So that's what is called! I need to tell Michael is don't jog, I woggle! Congrats on jogging your 3/4 mile!

Mary said...

That's awesome! Reading this makes me want to try it out. I too was never a good runner. Maybe if I do what you did it will go better!

congrats on your woggeling! :)

Carla R. said...

Hey, congrats! I am trying to eat healthy and am starting to exercise. Wish me luck! Keep on woggling!

Bridget said...

YAY you!! It's fantastic that you're seeing results. Keep it up, girl! :D

Jules said...

Good for you! I woggel for 2 miles but I don't think I could ever run the whole thing.........

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am SO proud of you Trish! Don't worry a stitch about the breathing, that works itself out. Did you ever read my "running tips" blog post? Not that I am any type of expert! I am rather a slow woggle myself! I am TOTALLY making Core take me there to run with you!

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