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Black Friday Tip #1

Monday, November 8, 2010

Several of you have asked me to share my BF shopping tips & strategies with you. So, I have decided to give you a tip a day.

I have been Black Friday shopping for years and have gotten some great deals. You have to get up early and do a little research before hand but the money you save is well worth the effort in my book.

Today's tip....

TIP #1

Buy a newspaper!!!!

Sounds simple enough...right?


and it is! Get up on Thanksgiving and go buy your local newspaper. If you don't already subscribe for home delivery, get out early and head to the nearest newspaper stand and buy one. (don't wait til after you get your fill of turkey cause they will sell out fast!)

Now, in the computer age, browsing local ads on the world wide web is nice but come Black Friday you will want the old print ads close at hand...trust me!

Stay tuned for my next BF tip tomorrow.......


Drew's Mom said...

I completely agree. Every Thanksgiving I run to Starbucks first thing in the morning and grab the paper and some coffee. You've got to have a physical ad on hand to browse through!

Ashley said...

I'm taking notes!! ;)

T said...

I am still kind of old-fashioned I guess. I still like and need the real thing in front of me whether it is the newspaper, sales papers or catalogs.

Mary said...

I can't wait to see all your tips! Kyle is usually the one that does the BF shopping because in the past I either had to work or take care of Hailey. Hopefully this year it will be my turn! I'm a newby so your tips will really help. :)

Bridget said...

Can't wait for your tips! Maybe when I see how you do it, it won't seem so frightening!!

Nikki Norris Mills said...

haha, oh my gosh...your BF tips are cracking me up. If I can get some free time and Jack naps a little longer, I am going to share my Christmas wish list and shopping tips with you. you will die. haha.

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