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My Christmas List

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's that time of year again, time for me to make my Christmas wish list....sounds like fun huh? Last year I made a list too...actually I make one every year but most the time I don't get what is one it. Most years Chris and I don't but gifts for each other and if we do, it's something small to open...BUT....we go all out with stuffing each others stocking. We love stockings at our house! We always save them for last.

You may look at this first item and wonder what the heck it is and why would I want something like that? Well, let me explain. My MIL bought me a Pandora bracelet for my birthday and Chris and Kyle got me a mother of pearl heart bead for it and this is the next charm I want to add to my collection. I know you may think it looks pretty ugly and weird but to Kyle...it looks like a mud tire! That is why I want to add it to my bracelet....this will be "Kyle's bead" and every time I look at it I will think of him and his love of mud!
This is an awesome wine refrigerator. I have new found love of wine and would love to have a separate place to store them since they should be kept cooler than the normal 42-44 degree refrigerator temp. Most wine taste better between 7-12 degrees.

And just how cute is this Pea coat from Khols??? Love the color too!

And last but not least, these two pair of CUTE, CUTE, CUTE boots from JC Penny
Chris swears I have black boots just like these but I will stand my ground that I don't. I use to never be a big "shoe person" but I guess I am becoming my mother!!!

So what's are your Christmas list this year????


Bridget said...

You're inspiring me to make mine...I like the pea coat and the boots! But what I really want is a good, nice camera...one that takes actions shots!

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVE that peacoat from Kohls.

T said...

love the peacoat...i have one but it's 3 sizes too big now. i need a new one for real.

the charm does look like a mud tire.

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