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ABC's of ME!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okay here we go.....

A - Age - 33

B - Birth Place - Lexington, KY

C - Car - actually, I drive a Ford Explorer SUV

D - Dog - yes, 2 Chevy a Chocolate Lab and Daquiri a Chow Chow

E - Exercice - not on a regular routine but trying to get one

F - Family - Me, Chris & Kyle

G - Goals - be debt free...but don't we all have that goal

H - Hobbies - blogging, reading & shopping

I - Ice Cream - yes, love it love it love it!!!

J - Jewelry - Gold & Silver

K - Kids- yes, 1 12yr old son Kyle aka Bubba

L - Love - yes, I believe in love at first site...happened to me a stop light in Myrtle Beach.....see next comment on the outcome :O)

M - Married - yes going on 14 years in August!

N - Nickname - Myrtle...I know, don't ask...something my Mom gave me

O - Outdoors- yes, I love being outside camping, fishing, boating, tanning...whatever!

P - Parents - Mom-Melissa/Step-Dad Bennie/Dad-Ricky

Q - Quick - NO WAY! I don't run at all..... period!

R - Relaxing - I love to relax by laying out on the beach reading

S - Sports - Not really, love to watch Kyle play but that's about it

T - TV Shows - my fav is Jon & Kate & Tori & Dean on the Oxygen Channel

U - Ultrasounds - yep, several while I was pregnant

V - Vacations - Flordia, New Orleans, Tennesse, Kentucky, New York, Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks of North Carolina

W - Wreck - wrecked two cars before I turned 18....oopsy!

X - X-rays - yes, chest, sinus, wrist, back, & hips

Y - Yummy Foods - ice cream, mexican, cheese cake, fried chicken

Z - Zoo- yes, I have been 3 times in my life. I love animals!

Thanks Cari for the great blog idea!!!!!!

Whew...that took alot of brain power. I am going to rest!!!!

~Until Next Time~


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish! My Mom used to call me Myrtle sometimes too, that is so funny!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i was below you at SITS...and i like your blog...what a sweet boy. as a momma of 4 girlies, i sure hope they find a man like him! have a great day!

Margaret said...

This is my first time by your blog, and I feel I know so much about you.

That is a really neat blog idea.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I haven't seen that before~ what a cute idea!

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