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Monday, June 22, 2009

What a wonderful vacation we had! We enjoyed the awesome weather at the beach and some time at the river on our boat. It was so nice to get away for awhile...but now it is back to the grind for 2 days and then I am off on vacation again...YIPEEEEE! That's right...Kyle and I leave on Wednesday morning to head to the wonderful Bluegrass State.... aka.....KENTUCKY! This will be our first "road trip" alone without Dad to be our driver...but I am up for the challenge...I will just take my duck tape for Kyle's non stop chitter-chatter and away we go!

Here are a few pics of the bech I took with my phone. I will have to post the ones from my camera later when I am in Kentucky. So you will have to check back cause I took some great ones!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Ahhh, road trips are always FUN!!! Hope you have a blast on your upcoming vacation. Wish I could take one RIGHT NOW!!! =0)

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh man, you have had your fair share, too! I have four, and I have scarey stories for each one... but Riley just seems to be the one with the worst and scariest! Like the time she choked on her dad's wedding ring and turned BLUE! or the time we lost her at the huge waterpark... Yea, she scares me and is making me age way too quickly!

Thanks for visiting us today.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice time! I am jealous :) Can't wait to see pictures!

Tamela said...

yay for visiting KY! I am rather bias though! haha What part are you visiting?

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