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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No, I did not just get a phone call from Kyle all in a panic!!!! YES I DID!!!!

Mom: "hello"

Kyle: " Mom, my turd won't go down the toilet!"

Mom: "Do what?" keep in mind I am sitting in my office...WORKING!

Kyle: "I tried to flush but it won't go down!!!"

Mom: " Are you serious", laughing like crazy!

Kyle: getting a little upset with me for not having an oh so clever "fix" to his potty delimma..."Mom is NOT fumnny it's as long as my leg!"

Mom: now I am really laughing so hard I can barely breath." well just use my bathroom or the 1/2 bath until I get home"

Kyle: "No mom , it won't go down, I have to fix it"

Mom: (now my motherly humor kicks in) " Well you shouldn't have crapped such a huge turd. Just let it sit in there and soak, maybe it will break up"....quick clever thinking on my part..huh?

Kyle: "oh, yea good idea...I'll call you back later and let you know"

Mom: "oh, take a picture of it", I say this in a joking manner by the way,only to get this response.

Kyle: "I already did, I'll sent it to your phone"

Well I must go and wipe my eyes from the tears of laughter so I can see the picture clearly when the picture message comes in!

Man I love that boy~


Anonymous said...

When I saw your intro to this one I knew it must be good! I had to cackle laughing!! I'm not sure if I want that picture forwarded or not... lol. Hope the problem disintigrates before you get home. Oh, and check the boy's fiber -- I believe he might be getting a little bit too much! lol


hahahhahahhah This is so cute! Stopping by from SITS to leave some hump day love!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, that totally made my day. Thank you!

The Quick's said...

too funny, I see this happening very soon in my future so now I know how to handle it :)

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Ha! Guess I have these things to look forward to when I finally become a mother =-)

Leslie said...

Stopping by from SITS...what a great story to start the day with...I will be smiling all day (today, tomorrow, and the next day)!!!!

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