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Last Day!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That's right folks..... Today is the last day of school!!!! Even though it is the last day, well actually 1/2 a day since they only go until 12:30. I still had to drag Kyle out of the bed! I told him he didn't have to go but if you read my previous post you might say he has his "eye on the prize" aka a HUGE plaque for having prefect attendence for all 3 years of middle school..which we won't get until next year during the 8th grade awards day. So anyway, 2 yrs down...1 to go!

On another great note...we leave for a our beach vacation in 1 week.....YIPEEE! Thanks to some great friends who let you use their place right on the beach in Top Sail Island. We always have the best time just the 3 of us relaxing, tanning, fishing, crabbing, eating & lounging...sounds great...Right??? And since my son doesn't have a shy bone in is body and will make friends with a wall makes it even nicer. He always finds some boys to hang out and boogie board with. Last year while we were there Chris caught and small shark and all the kids had a blast petting it before Chris turned him free.

Well, that's all for now, better run and get back to work...DANG IT!

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Tamela said...

Tagged you for the Honest Scrap Award!

OOooh last day of school! Hooray! I am jealous of another vacation!

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