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Mud on the tires~

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well, Kyle got the 4 wheeler BIG time stuck this weekend! As I was relaxing on the front porch enjoying my peaceful Sunday afternoon with a good book my cell phone rings.

Kyle "Hey Mom, I'm stuck."

Mom "Do what????"

Kyle "I'm stuck"

Mom "where at"

Kyle "down by the river at the sand bar"

Mom "who is with you"

Kyle "nobody"

Mom "have you called Chase or Dylan or Garrett to see if they can pull you out?"
(me keeping in mind that with Chris working how in the world was I gonna be able to get him out)

Kyle "yes, they are all at home and not out riding"

Mom "is there anything to winch too?"

Kyle "nope, I am way out in the middle by the river"

Mom thinking to herself...of course not, my son, no way!

Mom "okay let me get on the bike and I'll be there in a minute"
(actually I know it was more than a minute since he was a good mile away for me and I am not the fastest peddler on the block mind you)

So anyway, after a nice little Sunday stroll on the bike, which by the way I took his chocolate lab since I knew he would take me right to where Kyle was without me spending all of eternity finding the right one. And of course Chevy's nose was right on and took me straight to him....he's no Lassie but man he's good!

So when I ride up, full of exhaustion, sweat and legs that felt like rubber bands one of my neighbors who was out walking on the trails with her niece and nephew and came across Kyle in his moment of distress.

So being two intelligent women we look over the situation and decide that we need to put weight on the high end while Kyle give's it gas....so we kick off our flip flops and walk out over ankle deep in this mud hole. Well guess what...THAT DIDN'T WORK.

On to plan B........DIG!

So yes, we bagan to dig with our hands. Me on the front tire and her on the back tire. This took us at least 15 minutes until we thought we had dug enough mud out from around them that he could get more traction. This time I would lift up on the front side while she pushed on the back and Kyle gave it gas.......and......TA-DAH

We were all covered in splatered mud from head to toe...but I hear a good mud bath is great for your skin!!!!!


Tamela said...

Oh gosh! Sounds like quite the adventure. The bf took his 4-wheeler out to turkey bay..and I am sure glad he didn't get stuck..since I have no clue how to get there!

Anonymous said...

Whatta Mom!! You win the Mom of the Year Award. I would luv to have seen you splattered with mud - - I would have had to laugh. Also, you've got some good neighbors down there (which, of course, I already knew). :)

I'm so glad I'm a Mimi now - - I get so many laughs!! Thanks Kyle!

Cammie said...

I roll called under you over at SITS this morning so I wanted to pop in and say HELLO!!!

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