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Due Date-Part 3

Friday, July 24, 2009

So how was the vacation to the little island out in the middle of no where????

If you are new to my blog see post on Due Date & Due Date-update....other wise you may be lost reading this post.

For those of you who have been following me since my due date on
July 15th......isn't it fun waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.......well your just gonna have to wait some more.

Look, don't be mad at me. I wasn't the hold up! Trust me!

I was all ready bags packed, grandparents all ready and waiting and SO tired of the hubs following me around with a brown army towel to sit on (just in case my water decided to break on our new furniture!) Yes, it was not a pretty picture!!! I gained 70 lbs while pregnant. The thought off it gives me the willies!!! And along with the 70 lbs came the feet swelling to point of explosion and hauling around a baby complete with 4 gallons of amniotic fluid...that's right 4 GALLONS!!!!! I was a walking Big Gulp from the 7-11! About half way through the pregnancy I was diagnosed with Polyhydramniosis (not sure about the spelling Mom, she types medical transcription so she will let me know if I got it right) Anyway, it just means you have excessive amounts of amniotic fluid....YAH THINK! I'm pretty sure I hold the world record with my 4 gallons!!! I should really have gotten an award or something.

So enough about all my bodily fluid and back to the task at hand....well actually a little to the South :O)

I was so tired of waiting. I was almost to point of thinking he was never coming out!
I had to go in the Dr. every 2 days past my due date to be measured and have Kyle monitored to see if he was under any stress. I just think they wanted to see how much longer I could go with out exploding! But each time I was sent back home with no talk of enducing my labor...COME ON ALREADY PEOPLE!

So after the last Dr. appt, on July 25, 1996 I return home with my family thinking it would be another boring night with my new best friend "the brown towel". I enjoyed a wonder meal of homemade tacos and even a strawberry daquiri...don't judge me...I deserved it! Anyway, we all called it a night around 11 and went to sleep.

It was around 11:30 when I awoke to a loud "POP". No one believs me and Dr's say your water breaking doesn't make a noise. But I think those Dr's who I'm sure are all males and have never been pregnant much less with 4 gallons of amniotic fluid!

Well, let me tell you that theory has been shot all to pieces....cause mine did! It sounded just like a water balloon busted...wait.... did I just call myself a water balloon?!?

So, at that point, I grap my handy dandy brown towel, which I have been laying on thanks to my hubs....and cram it between my legs! I turn to Chris and tell him my water just broke. And replys with, "get a towel" and rolls back over!!!!

You must be kidding me! Those words did not just come out of Mr. Brown Towel Toten maniac's mouth!!!! So I get up and hoble all 212 lbs of me to the bathroom while trying to hold the brown towel between my legs...if I would have a video of this I would be $10,000 richer!

Once I reach the bathroom I drop the brown towel and the flood gates open! The amnionic fluid falls to the floor so hard and fast it is splashing back up on my legs. To give you a visual, it was just like someone had taken a gallon of milk and poured out on the floor.

We all rallied together to clean up the mess, got my bags, loaded in my parents new Lexus complete with leather seats(thank God the had leather)....and a new brown towel to sit on.

During the 20 minute drive to the hospital we all talked about how Kyle's birthday would be July 26th since it was almost midnight on the 25th.......boy where we wrong!
And now looking back on it I am sure at this point that God does have a since of humor....he could have just sent me an angel that said "hang on little lady, there will be no baby born unto you on July 26th!"...hey it could have happened, it did to Mary....right?!?

So we were off to the hospital. The first thing the ask is if my membranes have ruptured. I tell them "yes" but they still want to do some type of little tissue paper test to see. When the nurse comes back in with the "positive test" and tells us "yes" my membranes have ruptured.......YA THINK! I could have just filled the Grand Canyon and 2 olympic size swimming pools!!!!!!

The go ahead and get me admited and hooked up to all the bells and whistles and we all settle in for what we hope will be a quick delivery....I mean it can't take much longer with my water all ready broke right?!? WRONG!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more............


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I'm choking to death on my orange I was eating.... I was there, and to hear you retell the story I'm cracking up laughing - - now. Then, not so much!! Mimi was ready for a Bubba to be here!

Oh, yeah, the spelling - - check!

Would you like a picture-proof of all the.... uh, residual puffiness you had after delivery? I just happen to have one, if anyone is interested - - and if my DD approves and doesn't kill me.

Blair said...


4 gallons?!?! Is that humanly possible? You are a soldier, my friend.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Wow. That is incredible! i am in awe thinking of the amount of fluid you held!

Angie said...

Popping over from Surviving Motherhood, saw you had checked out my blog :)
Wow...poor girl! lol. I couldn't imagine going that far overdue. BTW, my water totally "popped" as well so those docs are full of it!

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