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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I need some help......Kyle leaves for church camp on Monday morning and I am wondering what in the Sam Hill(who ever he is) I am going to do without my one and only son around for a whole week!?!......besides the obvious thing of MY HOUSE WILL STAY CLEAN.....Hooray!

But on a more serious note....really what am I gonna do? He has been away from before so that's not really my main concern. I know he won't get homesick. I just wonder how many camp kids are gonna pass out from his rank breath if their is no one there to make sure he brushes his teeth....or even worse...if the B/O kicks in from lack of body contact with soap...oh Lordy, my head is spinning and swooning just thinking about it!!!!! Don't get me wrong I carried this child for 9 months(wait it was longer than that, I went 2 weeks past my due date)and I love him with all my heart but he really has the attention span of a gnat. So I know with all the fun and action going on around him he will be off in "Kyle Land" and more than likely will have to be reminded to breath!

They are also not allowed to take any cell phones to camp. So I will have to rely on him to call me each night(and for the tooth brush issue that will be way too late!)

So if any of you Mom's out there in Blogland have any brillant ideas on how you helped your child when they went away to their first camp please let me know....my only hope at this point is that he will meet a cute girl and that will give him enough cumption to take some pride in his appearance and at least make sure his clothes match!

That's more than likely a long shot but hey....a Mom can dream ...can't she?!?


Tamela said...

Thanks and Thanks! I needed a change.

Hopefully he will meet a cute girl! :) Good Luck!

E @ Scottsville said...

Honestly? Uhhhh, who cares if he has bad breath? All the other boys without their moms will have matching bad breath and none of them will notice the others. ha ha ha

I know when I've gone to camp (multiple times) as a counsellor, those teen girls aren't much better at it! The older ones care, but the younger girls just smell. ha ha ha

In time, Mom. In time!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Hey Trish! You're so funny! That's all I got to say! I'm sure Kyle will do gr8, stinky breath and all!


ps: hope you were able to get your Starbucks fix. :o)

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