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My Bubba is home!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yippee skippy...can you see me do my happy dance?!? {{shake, shake}}

He did have an "awesome" time but was super duper tired. He is still at home as I type catching up on his ZZZZZZZZZ's.

They had a live band called Living Water. And they really spend alot of time with the kids and even gave some of them a few guitar lessons.

As much as I missed him I know it was a wonderful experience with all his frinds and the Lord!

Now I have to tell you about the phone call I received from him on Friday night...well, actually it was sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning but I really couldn't see the clock that well thru all the sleep in my eyes....but the first teary words he said when I said hello was...."momma...I'm saved".

At that moment my heart melted and I wanted to be with him. But he assured me he was fine and that a counselor was with him. They had devotions, bible studies and chapel everyday but it was during the final concert night that God spoke to him and he went forward to the alter to make his commitment to the Lord.

Now how does a Mom go back to sleep after a call like that?!?

God is GREAT!


Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! That is truly an answer to prayers because Bobby & I have prayed for him to accept Jesus.

E @ Scottsville said...

Awwww, Praise God!

I just got goosebumps and tears in my eyes all at the same time. AND I DON'T REALLY EVEN KNOW Y'ALL, but I sure feel like I do. =0)

That's awesome! When Cam went to be baptized after he got saved, the pastor told him that he'd hold him underwater until he bubbled. He was KIDDING OF COURSE, but Cam didn't know it and then refused to be baptized for TWO YEARS after that!

Ahhhh, memories. =0)

So will we be seeing baptism pictures anytime soon?

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Oh praising the Lord with you. That is awesome!!!!! I don't know how you went back to sleep either.

I never thought I would do facebook or tweet either. I had some friends keep asking me to do facebook and some reader asked me to tweet so now I do both. I don't do much though, lol!

~ Nan

Tamela said...

That just gave me chills! What a wonderful phone call to show how wonderful our God is!

dan and jen said...

trish, that's awesome! i'm so happy :)

Anonymous said...

Just read your post, sending reply personally to Bubba (aka - - my grandson, for those who don't know me). He's always had a soft heart for God - - I hope he keeps it throughout the rest of his life! Luv ya

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