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What's in a name?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Speaking as a parent, when you first find out you are pregnant you begin the long task of picking out a name for your baby. You know, throwing names out to see how thay roll off the tongue and how they sound with the middle and last name....ever parent does it...right?

Well, the same is true for my husband and his baby(a.k.a his boat baby)We have had our boat for about 3 years and have been tossing out names since he first pulled her in the driveway. Since he din't want to name her after me :O(

Anyway, he wanted to think off something clever and funny that fit him and his personality. We bought the boat for the family but for those of you that don't know my husband...HE LOVES TO FISH...not that he is good at it...but he loves it! So he thought up the following names....Spot Remover, Croaker Choker, One More Cast, Bite My Worm, and 10-42(off duty) which I really like since he is in law enforcement. But none of those really struck his fancy so to speak.

Well, we pull out on Saturday morning with the boat to head out for a fun day on the water to tube, float around and watch the fireworks...sounds like fun...right? But first we have to stop and fill up the boat with gas. My friend Heather, myself and my son wait in the truck while Chris goes to fill up the tank on the boat. After a few minutes Heather notices Chris wiping his hands on a towel and that there is gas all on the ground. So naturally we just thought he got the tank too full and it over flowed...NOT THE CASE! When Chris gets back in the truck he starts laughing and then fills us in on why this is all so funny. Instead of putting the gas nossil in the gas hole he put in fishing rod holder!!!! Yep, thats right folks my angler of a husband filled the hull of our boat full of gas!!!!! We all start laughing so hard...what else can we do? This man has been fishing since he was old enough to stand up and hold a rod and can't remember where the gas goes...honestly! So we enoyed a nice day on the boat sky high from gas fumes and not to mention depressed and how much money we had wasted in gas!

So, now back to the whole name bit. We have finally decided on the perfect name for the boat. How many of you can guess?????

I will give you a hint...it can double as a name for fishing or the "gas incident"

And Heather you can't guess since you were there to witness the entire mess and already now the answer :O)


E @ Scottsville said...

Well, I don't know a lot of fishing terms... but I'm dying to hear the boats new name! You'll have to do an update to this post. =0)

Sounds like y'all had fun at least. Your hubby sounds blonde.

PS - too bad that y'all can't enjoy the circus. It was SOOOOOO much fun!

Papermoonies said...

The one that got away
It was this big
You shoulda seen it

OH I dont know... I cant figure it out.
stopping by from sits.

Tamela said...

hahaha how hilarious is that! My friends dad's boat is named City Boy. Hope you had a great time on the lake!

Anonymous said...

Well now that I have spit my mouthful of almonds on my computer screen, let me clean that off and I'll get back to ya on the challenge... I wish I'd been there!! haha

About like Lindsay talking to Doris on the phone getting ready for work one night, packing her lunch, etc., etc., and kept saying, where did I..., I can't find my... (then the full sentence came out) Mom, I can't find my phone!! After a pause of about 10-seconds they both laughed so hard they cried. And Doris still cries when she tells it!

Tell Chris 'this one is a keeper' for sure. lol

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