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Dear John Review

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Okay, for those of you who have not seen this movie or don't want me to give it away for you...STOP READING THIS POST NOW!

I read the book before seeing the movie and I have to say, the movie was better than I thought it was going to be. You know how the saying goes "the book is always better than the movie"...but did you know that the producers & directors changed the ending to this movie the last few weeks before the opening....neither did I!!!!

But as I sat there watching the movie I couldn't help but think that this movie was written about Chris & I and that Nicholas Sparks must have shrunk himself and was running around in my head......{{ouch}}....why is that you ask????

Well, for starters John & Savannah met eachother at the beach...so did Chris & I.

Next, John was enlisted in the Army...so was Chris!

John had to go back and finish his tour and was only able to contact Savannah through letters....Chris did to (well it was to Texas and Georgia, not technically Iraq, but still!!!)

Are you guys beginning to see a pattern here or is it just ME!

John promises to write Savannah and never lose contact with her...so did Chris, and he kept his promise!!

Thier long distance relationship was alot like the one Chris & I had to endure until we could be together again, well except the part were she writes him to break up because she has fallen in love with someone else ( I never did that cause I would NEVER stoop to that level...and I guess it made for a better story line than ending happily ever after like ours does)

But man it was kinda erie to see the beginning of the movie unfold and think back 15 years ago when that was Chris & I that had met on the beach and spent such a short time together before being a part for almost a year(minus a few monthly trips in between).

So when I got home and told Chris about the whole movie and how it was so much like ours he says...

"man we were sitting on a goldmine of a story or at least a Sunday night movie and didn't even know it. Maybe you should have wrote a book about us!"

....oh well....Nicholas Sparks already bet me to my OWN love story!!!!


Becky said...

I REALLY want to see this movie, and I haven't, and I STILL read this post :)

All it did was make me want to see it more!!! And now I will be thinking you and your love the whole time probably, lol!

Cathy said...

Okay, now I have to watch the movie so I can see your life.

creative gal said...

I liked the movie! Better than the book! :)

Jules said...

I can't wait to see that movie...

Jessica said...

I saw it last weekend, and it was so sweet! I didn't like the end, though. It was a good ending in that it was sweet and all, but I really don't like endings that elave so much to the imagination. I like clear cut things - and that, well, wasn't.

I guess I'll have to pick up where the movie left off and fill it in with your story. =)

Garrett and Meagan said...

That is awesome! I want to see it so bad. You guys are too cute. You will have to tell us more of your love story asap!!

Bridget said...

Oh, I want to read this book, then watch the movie...it sounds good!!

Tamela said...

I didn't read your post cuz I want to see the movie, but I wanted to comment anyway! hehe

Miss Jody said...

Okay...I got to where you said..Stop reading this post!"

I realllllly want/don't want to see this movie!
I know I will bawl...Notebook got to me and my heart was broken for the guy...agh! so torn!
I will see it...

Kristi said...

I hate going to the movie theaters. I like to be comfy and curled up on the couch to watch movies. I cant wait for it to come out to rent.

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