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Sgt. "SnOwens"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

when our snow came, we of course had to build a snowman. It was the perfect snow for it too! We rolled & rolled & packed & rolled some more. After we had him assembled Chris decided he just "wasn't complete" and ran inside to grab a few "items"...hehehe

There....thats much better!

Complete with Sgt patch & badge......my yard feels safer already!

And one last picture I had to take to show you just how tall Sgt. SnOwens was. But he didn't last long. Sgt. SnOwens was later involved in a horrible 10-50 (thats the 10 code for a wreck)
invloving a wild teenage boy on a 4-wheeler. Yep, Kyle thought it would be so funny to plow Sgt. SnOwens over with the 4-wheeler. We have no put off letting Kyle get is drivers license until he turns 21!
Oh well...maybe he'll come back next year!


Miss Jody said...

Ha! ha!
He ran it over?!

I would have done the same!
Your SnOWens man is very cute!!

I'm so jealous..you got alot of snow!

Cathy said...

So cute...but I'm so tired of snow. No one in our house is willing to build a snowman this year.

Garrett and Meagan said...

SO much fun!!!! I want to make one. And that is such a boy thing to do! haha

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very cool...not as cool as the beach, but fun!!! I missed ya!

Tamela said...
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Tamela said...

Poor Sgt. Owens!

Jenna said...

hahahaha!!! Sgt SnOwens!! Hilarious. He looks good though! Too bad he was involved in a 10-50...

pshh 10-4 Over and out..

Miss Jody said...

Good Day Mrs. snOWENS!

I left you soemthing over at my blog :)

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

So I guess he is offically 100% teenage boy! I love that he ran it over!!

Miss Jody said...

Where are you friend?
I miss you!!

I hope all is good :)

Have a great day!!!

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