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Unleashing Momma Bear

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One of my good friends and "new momma" and I had this discussion the other day.
Where does it come from? Is it a trait that is taught or has to be learned? It is just instinct?I think not. I think it is a deep inner feeling, so far deep inside of you that it can not be measured or hardly put into words.
The protective nature we have for our children where at any given moment we are ready to attack anyone and anything that becomes the smallest threat to our child. I admit I have made mistake after mistake while raising Kyle (like the time he was a few weeks old and he fell of the couch, or the time he was 4 months old and I didn't have the handle properly locked in place on his carrier and he flipped out and fell to the floor, or when he was a toddler and crawled into the bathroom and got a disposable razor out of the trash and put it in his mouth like a toothbrush...ah geez, I could go on and on) and I am sure there will be many more along the way.
I think as mother's we have earned the right to unleash the Momma Bear and I think at times it just happens, it's not something we plan or plot against others...but when you cross that fine line...beware!
I also believe it is something even a father cannot understand or comprehend. The love and protection a mother has for her child is unmatched by anything else on earth and that only God's love is stronger.
If you are not a mother, this is a feeling you cannot fathom. Not to step on any toes of my readers who are not mothers, but you will never understand until you have a child of your own. How you would go to the ends of the earth for that child, how you put their needs before yours at all times. If I was asked the question, would you walk across hot coals to save Kyle's life? Absolutely! Would I claw through a brick wall with my bare hands to get to him if he was in danger? In a second! And if you hurt my child, watch out because I will not hesitate to rip you a new one!
And I don't think the childs age matters in the least. Yes, the situations will change, and we begin to step back and let them learn from their own mistakes but as a mother, we are always there. We hate to see our child in pain or their feelings hurt. Or how hard it is to see your child be punished by a teacher or coach for not following directions. Or have silent lunch because they forgot to have a test signed.
I could not begin to imagine how a mother feels that has lost a child or had them kidnapped. The closest I have come to this feeling was last year when Chris and I lost sight of Kyle while we were at the beach. In a split second he was gone, that fast. We didn't even know where to being. Do we start in the ocean were he was last seen on his boogie board? Or do we race down the shore with the hope he has just drifted down and not paid attention. I was at a loss for words, my mind was racing and I was almost to the point of being physically sick to my stomach. And at that moment there was the Momma Bear...but how do you fight the ocean? I took off running one way down the beach yelling his name and Chris went the other. I am not sure how my feet even moved since everything seemed to going in slow motion. I was in tears when I finally saw him running toward me dragging his boogie board behind him. He was missing for only 15 minutes but to me it felt like years. And to this day that is the worst feeling and the most helpless I have ever felt.
If you are already a mother, I am sure you too have unleashed the Momma Bear and for those of you that are future mothers get ready to polish your teeth and practice your growl!


Resh Rene` said...

Ohh I am def a Momma Bear and I think you are right...Papa Bears don't quite get it. It's amazing the love that you feel for your kids and that nothing will ever compare to it...ever!

Miss Jody said...

This is a great POST Trish :)

No, I'm not a Momma.yet. I can't wait..I know I will be a MOM you don't wanna mess with!
For Pete's Sake! I'm sooo protective of my DOG! I can't imagine a child...I can't wait!

I bet you are a Momma noone wants to tangle with! Good for you!!!!!

Tamela said...

Do dogs count? Or am I just crazy because I feel that I need to protect Echo from everything?

Cathy said...

Well said, and so true

Bridget said...

You said it SO well! I had to deal with a situation like that today where I wanted to grab my child up and protect him, but I had to let him take responsibility for his own mistake...it was very hard!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Very true. The Momma Bear has come out in me for sure.

creative gal said...

So, you lived in Williamston?? Totally neat!! I am from the big town of Jamesville. . .we probably have mutual friends!

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