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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Okay loyal readers & stalkers I need some help.....

Here's the problem, Kyle's 8th grade social is coming up and "all" the boys(or so he says) are renting a tux for the dance....NO WAY...A TUX....for an 8th grade dance...I know what you thinking, "you can't be serious Trish!"

yep, WAY serious...no joke!

just wait, it gets better...then they all want to pitch in and rent a stretch Hummer to ride in ($40 per couple)

Not to mention,paying for dinner for him & Morgan...oh crap...I forgot to tell you guys they were back as a couple again...sorry for the delayed info!

okay...where was I...

...oh yea, dinner and then there is the corsage he will have to buy her and money to have their pictures taken at the dance(which by the way is held a hotel in town and not even at the school)


The only thing I was excited about in 8th grade was moving on to High School!!!

So here's my question....

Do we spring for a tux rental of $150 bucks, or just buy him a black suit that he can get more than one use out of?

Do I drive them to dinner and then to the dance...or drop another $40 for them to ride in the hummer?

Do I let them eat at the swanky, fancy steak house where "all the other kids are going" that would be another $50 bucks...or make them eat at Applebee's for $25?

I just think this all just way to much for an 8th grade dance..I mean...If you the tux, hummer nice dinner, plus a flower & pictures, what does it leave them to look forward to with the Sr. prom....hmmmmmmm?????

Am I being unreasonable and cheap?

So here's the run down as I see it now.

Tux Rental $150
Hummer $40
Dinner $50
Flower $15
Pictures at the dance $20
Tickets to the dance $16

Grand total for an 8th grade dance....hold your breath...here it comes.....


...is this adding machine broke????

....there is no stinkin way....


Or do we choose Plan B and do this

Buy a suit $100 (able to wear more than once)
Parents drive $0
Dinner $25 (eat at Applebee's and not the swanky steak house)
Flower $15 (okay guys, I not that cruel!)
Pictures at the dance $0 (I can't take plenty and have copies and even wallets made)
Tickets to the dance $16 (no way out of this one unless they shimmy in through an open window)

New Grand total...

$156.00....ahhhhh...my heart rate is beinging to slow and my rapid breathing is slowing

So what do ya think...any ideas????????


Resh Rene` said...

HOLY CRAP...are you serious? Is this what we have to look forward to?
So the 2 options of extras are up to you, I have no idea what we would do when the time comes...but the 8th grade dance at a hotel is crazy!!!
Gawd I have a headache already =/

Kristi said...

OMG!!!!! My mouth dropped opened when you started putting this stuff out there. Those are the things we did in high school but totally not for junior high. I think the tux is just crazy because most guys end up taking all that stuff off once they get to the dance and just wear the shirt and pants. Now that I think of it some people did get limos in junior but NOT I!
I don't even think we went out to eat before a dance in junior high. You can always have kids over to your house and cook them a nice dinner and have them pitch in like 10 bucks or however much it cost.
I would say your are going to pay a certain amount of money and then let him decide what things are more important and what he wants to divide it up. If he wants a tux that bad he can eat dinner at home and ride with you all or her parents.
I am really not one to give advice on teenagers but thats my opinion. I gotta find a way to keep mine little! haha

Blessed Beyond said...

Oh wow! I agree about what does it leave one ot look forward to on a Senior Prom. MERCY! I'm in shock! I am not of any help! Sorry!

Tara said...

I'm thinking a big fat NO! That is crazy but I think I like Kristi's idea - tell him you'll pay $--- and then he can pick & choose what he wants. Even for my high school prom, we didn't rent a stretch Hummer...we drove our own cars. Looking back on it, I shouldn't have even gone....the money I spent was a waste.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Holy cow-- all that for an 8th grade dance??? The guys I went to high school with fought tooth and nail to avoid wearing a tux to the senior prom... I'm surprised your son wants to dress up in a monkey suit anyway!!!

I think you can tell him you'll help him go all out for his senior prom, but for this, he needs to cut back a little. What if he helped to "Work off" some of the cost with chores around the house?

Confessions From A Working Mom

Jules said...

Holy cow! Seriously? That is insane for 8th grade. I think the $156.00 is still outrageous. That sounds like a High School prom to me. I honestly don't know what I would do in your situation. Good luck!

Miss Jody said...

wow...well my dear.
First: alot has changed since I've been in school...but this has not changed. Kids will make fun of you if your not in the "in "crowd...not going where everyone else is going...if he truely doesn't care and is actually concerned with the cost..? by all means save the $$$$$...
But knowing me.... and if my child felt the pressure from the others at school.....don't hate me for saying this.....
(my family didn't have alot of $$$ growing up, I was deathly shy!!!!...so I didn't get to have alot of luxeries others had...I made excuses and was embarrassed by how poor we were...yes, I was treated different. I tried to $tay cool and worked everyday after school all through H.S. just so I could have $$$ to go do the things others did...I told myself when I had kids,..I vowed I would never let my child go through this...)
....but I would do what ever he wants. If my hubby and I were finacially able to..yes. In a heartbeat. He wasn't treated very nice either in school because what he didn't have and I will not have my child go through this...
Now! If my child has the Balls to stand up to others, not care what others think? and set examples...? By all means!
I'm sending you and your date to "El Taco Bell!"

Miss Jody said...

A tux is WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he doesn't wanna wear it, does he?

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Oh my goodness! I just threw up thinking how much my kindergartner is going to cost me in 8 years!!!! Holy CRAP!!!!!!!!

I say go with plan B although I'm sure your son will totally disagree!

Bridget said...

Wowzers!! That's a lot of money! I guess I would set the amount you want to spend and let Kyle tell you what he would like to do with it.

Blessed Beyond said...

Sorry I am back, but I have to agree with Miss Jody, about how it could affect him, by the way others will treat him! How would be handle that? And if you did cut back from going all out, maybe let him pick what he would prefer of the whole deal would be best! Still amazed! Good Luck!

Eads Family said...

I say no tux and then let him have the dinner and hummer! Kohls has nice cheap suits btw.

Jenna said...

Whoa...he'll have plenty of time to do all of that when he's in high school for sr. prom...then he'll be old enough to have a job and make money to pay for it himself. I bet if you checked around not ALL the kids are doing that and paying that much... That's an awful lot for 8th grade dance! When I was in 8th grade we had a dance in the gym and we all wore jeans and nice tops and danced all night and ate at the tastee freeze afterwards! total cost.. 10 bucks!

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