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Not much our way

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have not done a post since Saturday, why you ask????? Cause there has not been much "goings on" around our house.

We had a peaceful night hanging out around the house on Friday and then Kyle headed of to "the Girlfriends" on Saturday and I head out for a "girl night" to see Dear John and then went out to dinner....which by the way was a total mess and I sent a complaint email to Applebee's to let them know about it too(since we asked to see the manager on duty twice and he never showed he face....CHICKEN!)

Kyle started baseball tryouts for his school yesterday and will be going back again today for round 2. Please say a quick prayer for him that he makes the team. He is not the best baseball player you have ever seen but he has a great arm on him and he is by far the cutest(just sayin)! He also had to get ALL his hair cut off to even tryout for the team.....YIKES....the ball coach is a HUGE stickler on the short hair deal! I think it is tad over board but he's the coach so off we we went to the barber......and when I say we I mean Chris! When Chris brought him home on Saturday after he got it all cut off you could have knocked me over with a feather!!!! I have not seen his hair that short in almost 3 years.....

"who is that strange hairless boy standing in my bedroom and why is he calling me mom?"

I would post a picture for the "new do" but he refuses to let me take a picture....

he no likey!!!!

And if he doesn't make the team we will never hear the end of it!



Tamela said...

I hope he makes the team for your sake and his hair!

Cathy said...

Aww come on mom, surely you can sneak a photo. No I'm kiddin'! I try not to put pictures of my kids on here that they don't want me to. Usually they're pretty okay with the ones I do post.

I hope he makes the TEAM. He deserves it after having to get a hair cut.

Tara said...

I bet he just doesn't want you posting pictures because he's afraid he'll have all the girls wanting him. How was Dear John? Doesn't customer service just STINK these days...ugh!

Bridget said...

Good luck Kyle!!!!

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