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2010 Census

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have any of seen this thing yet???

Ours came in the mail last night and Chris decided he would go ahead and "knock it out" while I was finishing up cooking supper......

.......BAD IDEA..........

For those of you that don't know, the hubs has very little patience at times, but I wasn't gonna argue with him and decided I would let him go ahead and play 20 questions with the government......hehehe!

Q#1 How many people live in yout house as of April 1st 2010?

Chris "well first off it's not even halfway through March!"

Q#2 Which type of home to you reside in ?

Chris " well why in the world does it matter if I live in a house, trailer, hotel room or cardboard box!"

Q#3 What is your phone number?

well folks this is when things started to get ugly....Chris was not happy about putting our phone number on the from. He hates telemarketers, political calls and not to mention we have a non published number due to his job and having people call our house with threats (yep, we have even had people pull up in our driveway to confront him more than once for stopping someone in their family)

Next the form wants the names, birthday, age and race of every person living in the house.....(at this point I thank God that we aren't Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger with 19 kids!!!)

This is when Chris gets ticked again....if you remember back to an earlier post of mine Kyle brought home a form from school requesting the parents to complete the childs race and sign and return it to the school. Well Kyle forgot to give the form to us and had to have silent lunch. Chris saw red to say the least and added a nice little note to the bottom of the form when he signed it that said Kyle is still as white as he was on the first day of school when we filled out the first 50 billion forms and he was pretty sure he was going to stay that way all the way through 12th grade....let me just say it wasn't pretty folks!

When he finished the cenus I told him to leave it on the counter so I could "check over his work" before sealing it up and mailing it. It was so funny to look at each question and you could tell by the sloppiness of each X he made on the blocks that he was getting more irritated. The first question there was a nice nea perfect X....by question 4 the X was sloppy,misshaped and had grown to the size of my finger nail.

So if you haven't completed your 2010 Cenus...good luck to you and I hope you have plenty of patience!!!


Tamela said...

We got ours yesterday and I didn't list my phone number hopefully the bf will list his, cuz I ain't. I was thinking the same thing that I was glad I wasn't a Dugger! How funny!

Tara said...

oh crap! I listed my number. Usually I'm skeptical of everything but didn't think a thing about it yesterday.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

We got ours yesterday! However, my husband read it and just said, "I seriously can't believe we can't just do this online and have to do it on paper in 2010" !!!!

Becky said...

Lol...I JUST filled ours out, and I thought the SAME thing about the Duggars!

We had six to fill out and I was like...man...there are ALOT of us!!!

Blessed Beyond said...

I tell ya, this years Census has made some angry folks! Hubby was just as aggravated and sounds like yours was!

Jenna said...

Haha I laughed at the Michelle & Jimbob comment! I haven't gotten my census form yet...I've never had to fill one out so I'm semi-excited about it ha!

Cathy said...

We just got ours this week, but I haven't looked at it yet.

Shayna said...

So much for an "easy" few questions... I'm a little scared (but with far fewer people than the Duggars, so only 1 pencil should be necessary!) ---

Kristi said...

We got ours but I didnt look at it. We have got so many int he mail that really arent legit. I hate putting all that info out there. They should know this information by the way people do their taxes. but what do I know??

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