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Not a good morning!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

If the rest of the day is going to be as bad as this morning has been I am calling it quits and going back to bed, pull the covers over my head and not come back out.......EVER!

At 7:43 this morning as I was almost pulling into work I get a text message from Kyle. First off that is not a good sign since his skinny little butt should be already on the bus and heading toward school.

The message says, just as Kyle typed it "mine as well go ahead and b grounded"

hmmmmmm.....that's an interesting text...............

Mt first thought is that he missed the bus and that I will have to turn back around and driver 30 mins back home gpick him up and drive him to school...... instead I text him back and asked "why?"

A minute or two later a new text comes in and says:

"I let Chevy in the house for like 5 mins while I got ready and I told him to stay on the tile while I went to get my shoes and when I came back I was lookin at the tv while I was walkin and he was on the hardwood and I bumped into him and he slid and scratched the hardwood"

At that moment my heart starts to pound hard in my chest and I am sure I had smoke coming out of my ears! He knows better than to let a 115lb Chocolate Lab in the house!!!!!! I am sure I now have a huge crater dug out of my hardwood the size of the Grand Canyon!

But being the great mother I am all I ask is "r u on the bus!?"

Kyle "yea, am I in trouble?"

Me "turn your ph off and we will tlk about this ltr!"

As I head into my office still fuming I get another text.

"so am I in trouble"

let just say I didn't respond to that one and at this point he is much safer in the public school system than to be within arms reach of me!


Lady V dZine said...

Ahh, that's a poopy way to start the day. Is that Chevy in the picture with Kyle in the left sidebar? What a good looking dog. Will Kyle fret all day about being in trouble? I know I would at that age. And I know if I were you, I would fret all day about that scratch in the hardwood. Hoping the day gets better for you!
Stopping by from SITS. I'm following you now.
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Be blessed,

Jenna said...

AW, You should be so proud of him for telling you! Most boys his age would have denied knowing anything about it! Oh and I would totally be bummed about my floors too!

Tamela said...

yikes, I hope the scratch isn't too bad. I hope you show us a picture!

Cathy said...

I agree with Jenna...my girls wouldn't tell me they'd wait until I saw it and asked before they'd ever admit to it.

Hope your day has gotten better.

WhisperingWriter said...


Kristi said...

oh NO!! That stinks! I would be so mad but at least he knew he did wrong and admitted to it!

Blessed Beyond said...

Hope it isn't to bad. And that your day has gotten better! Him telling you is great proof of what a great kid you are raising, most wouldn't have owned up before mom and dad saw it! Sure do hope though, it's not that big.

Anonymous said...

I agree, he did 'come clean', so to speak. You always told him to tell the truth and that it would be better for him if he did, so don't let him be in too much trouble for telling the truth. I know I am a wee bit predigous -- but he IS a good kid (to be 13 - he's very good).

Bridget said...

Ouch! Hope the floor is okay and that Kyle isn't in too much trouble!

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