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Letter to the teacher

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Kyle's Teacher(no names will be mentioned here)

I understand you are concerned with Kyle's diarrhea of the mouth (which is what we call his never ending ramblings around our house) during your class time. However, what I don't understand and agree with is the fact that you never gave him a verbal warning to stop his behavior. Instead, you move him to another seating area and proceed to complete a written write-up that is to be sent home and signed by me and returned to you for his file. Any logical and half way intelligent person would review the form for errors before neatly folding it and placing it in a sealed envelope(complete with scotch tape and your initails over the seal to deter any grubby hands from tampering with the eveidence!). Let me just state for the record...not that I am trying to do your job, but next time, you may want to fill in the blank where it says DATE and if it's not too much trouble, sign the BIG fat blank at the bottom where it reads TEACHERS SIGNATURE!!!!

Oh, and by the way, you may want to bring it someones attention that if the parent is required to sign the form it would be great if there was a space provided for that too...just sayin. But until then, I just scratched my initials at the bottom. And do I get any extra credit for adding the date too?

Love seeing my tax dollars at work


Jenna said...

I think that this describes what is wrong with our school systems...some teachers just don't care enough. I think they are WAY underpaid... If they would pay the teachers more, more people would compete to be teachers and it would weed out the bad ones in my opinion..and kids would benefit from it!!

Kristi said...

Sometimes it scares me to think about dealing with the school system. I have several friends who are teachers and still find it hard to not consider homeschooling.

Bridget said...

Oh, totally been there with our teacher. She moved Kyle closer to her desk and told us that he was talking too much. Why hadn't we heard something before that? She has both of our phone numbers (home and work) and our email addresses. Sheesh...

Blessed Beyond said...

Love the letter! YOu have such a great way with words! Just another reason I have issues with the way our kids are being taught now a days.

Eads Family said...

and we wonder why people home school

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