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another conversation with Kyle.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I decided to grace you ladies with another episode of "another conversation with Kyle". I know how several of you look forward to this saga on my blog so I shall not be one to disappoint!

I will begin by setting the scene for you....picture this if you will....Me, Chris, MIL and a friend of mine, minding our own business watching Kyle's ball game last night. All the sudden this teenage kid walks up to Chris and says

Teenager "hey aren't you a cop?"

(1st off this is a BIG NO,NO with Chris. I won't go into the details now but just don't EVER call him a cop!....mkay...back to my story)

Chris "why?"

(2nd point, we live in a semi small town and most everyone knows that Chris is a State Trooper...which means we go very few places where he doesn't run into "past customers" as he calls them)

Teenager "well, I just wanted to ask you a question"

Chris "okay, about what"

by this time, Chris is starting to get a tad miffed since he is only home for 2 days and is missing Kyle's ballgame.

The teenager goes on to ask Chris if he should have stayed at the scene of an accident that he was just involved in where he rear ended someone when the car he hit just drove away.....they carry on this conversation for a few more minutes....Chris growing less & less patient with each cheer from the crowd, knowing he is missing the game.

They finish the conversation and Chris watches the boy walk back over to his mom and begin to explain everything Chris had told him to her. That when Sgt. Owens kicks in and he gets up to go talk to the boys mom and explain that he needs to call the Highway Patrol and go back out to the scene & meet them to file a report. Otherwise the boy could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and failure to file & report.

Long story short, the boys call the patrol and leaves the ball game to go meet up with a trooper at the scene and we go back to watching the ballgame.

After the game we are walking back to the car and the mother stops Chris to thank him for the help and then tells Chris that her son had been waiting at the scene for over 45 minutes and the trooper had just showed up and then she made the statement of all statements!!!!

"I guess he had to finish his doughnuts"

at this point(knowing the hubs like I do...I just kept walking to the truck) I sure didn't want to be around to see him go postal!

She then asks Chris another question about the accident & the charges her son could have filed against him to which Chris replied....

"sorry, I can't help ya, I gotta go pick up my doughnuts" and walks off!

When he gets in the truck he starts telling me everything that was said. The whole deal about the doughnuts and his response to her that he needed to leave to pick up his doughnuts.

*******Know stay with me cause this is where the Kyle part comes in.********

Kyle is in the back seat minding his own business texting on this phone(but not missing a word we say). After Chris finished telling me everything Kyle leans up between the seats and says.....

"were picking up doughnuts! Cool, from where?"

Now I'm not kiddin people...I can't make this crap up. The boy really uttered those words to his Dad! I swear all that boy thinks about is food!!!

Chris rolls his eyes and me well, lets just say it's a good thing I didn't have a mouth full of drink cause it would have covered my dash board & windshield!!!!

Needless to say we DID NOT stop for doughnuts, but settled for Wendy's instead!


Mary said...

What a funny story! I can't believe that woman said that to your hubby. I didn't know he was a state trooper.

Beach Belle said...

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Seriously, though, who says that to a State Trooper and then expect assistance??? I don't know how you kept it together, Trish. I would have had drink flying out of my nose from laughing so hard!!

Tara said...

One of my dad's friends is a Chapel Hill policeman. He had pulled a person over for running a stop sign, gave the citation, let the person go, kept his lights on while completing paperwork and a lady came up to his window and told him he needed to get out of the way because he was blocking traffic.

Some people aren't very smart! I think I would have chosen doughnuts over Wendy's though;-) I like Kyle's thinking!

scrapwordsmom said...

Funny story...I mean really? That woman saying that to your husband the State Trooper. Oh wow!! What Kyle said is so what MY Jacks would have said!!:)

Angie said...

OMG!!! OK Your hubs comment is CLASSIC!!! And your sons timing is perfect!! To funny!!!

Tamela said...

hahahah oh boy! Kyle cracks me up! I think we need to devote a day to conversations with Kyle!

Bridget said...

Since these people are obviously going to be "future customers" of Chris', you would think that they would want to stay on his good side...I'm just sayin'...

Kyle's response was hilarious!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am sorry Chris has to deal with folks like that! But his comment back was priceless! Oh, and are you going to get donuts/ I love donuts.

Bossy Betty said...

Love it and your son's reply!

Kristi said...

That is so funny! I love his comment! I cant believe she would say that to him. I agree with your friend Tamela, you should totally devote a day a week to "Kyle Sayings"!!

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