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The "F" Bomb

Friday, May 21, 2010

...no folks, I am not talking about Kyle cutting a nasty stank fart.

I am talking about the ever dreaded, NEVER should be used, so foul your mouth should be washed out with soap, four letter word...yep, the F@#K word!

I bet most of you have your eyes glued to your computer screens at this very moment wondering where in the world I am going with this post...so before my mother falls out in to a full blown heart attack at the sight of me even typing that word I will fill ya in on what happened.

During Kyle's baseball game last night(keep in mind he plays on the 14-16 year old Bath Ruth league) we were loosing so badly I hate to even type the score(it's almost a terrible as the F word it's self!)...anywho, it was 15-0 and guess which team had the 15(just a hint...it wasn't us!)

The other team was up to bat with the bases loaded and the batter hit a killer ball. Well instead of the 3rd base coach taking it easy on us(which would have been nice) he drown the runner all the way around to third bringing in two more runners and upping their score to 17. Our coach was a tad upset at the other coaches unsportsman like conduct (since we were already getting creamed.) The he made a comment to the other teams coach and said "thanks man!"

To that the other teams coach replied....get ready here it comes.....

"F*&K you!"

the crowd of on lookers and parents gasped as well as several hundred dead grandmother's rolled over in their graves!

Are you serious!!!!! Can you believe the coach of the other team dropped the F bomb at a Babe Ruth ball game???

What in the sam hill is this world coming to? It makes me wonder what his child is going to grow up to be like and pray to God that his son stays away from Kyle!

The ump's kicked him out of the game and he was forced to leave that park and is unable to coach the next game.(If you ask me he should never be allowed to coach PERIOD!)

For those of you that have small children who are still in T-ball & little league. Listen to me when I say, enjoy every moment of it. Cherish each cheer, running the bases the wrong way, the children playing in the outfield...because before long, all the fun is gone. The teams & coaches are out for a win & only a win.... at all cost.

****side note, we also had two of our players hurt in last nights game by the other team. One had to be taken to Urgent Care to have his knee x-rayed the other is alright but was not able to return to finish the game.*****

I must say, I am so ready for this season to end. We have only 4 games left and I would be okay with never playing another one.


Kristi said...

WOW! I can not believe he said that. I would say he shouldnt be able to coach for more than one game! I know I have said a few choice words, but thats just something I dont do in front of Bailey and if anyoen around me says something I ask them to not say it. I mean I said crap one day and she repeated it and I was so mad at myself! haha

Garrett and Meagan said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy!!!!! Wow. I can't believe that. No manners.

PS I disabled my feeds, so my posts wont show up in google reader or anything, so you have to come check out my page every now and again to see posts =)

Tara said...

I have read so many posts this year about unsportsmanlike behavior at kids games whether it is from the kids, coaches or parents. Maybe I'm not looking forward to it afterall. What happened to the having fun and learning life lessons?

scrapwordsmom said...

Sports can get so bad the older the kids get. I have plenty of stories...I tell you parents can be the WORST!!!

Glad Kyle is okay though...and enjoy those last 4 games!!

Happy Friday, Trish!!!!

Jules said...

Are you kidding? That's terrible! I hate when the sports aren't fun anymore and everyone gets all serious.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

SOme people take this stuff way to seriously. I mean, really? I am sorry you even had to deal with that.

Michelle said...

I am not gonna lie...the eff bomb is my favorite curse word. I use it a lot. BUT, there is a time & a place...and at a kids baseball game is NOT the time nor the place. Especially when it's coming from one of the coaches! Ack!

Craziness, I tell ya!

Eads Family said...

i was at a neighbors soccer game...okay think like 10 year olds. I heard a parent tell another parent that if he didn't get his kid off the field then he would go out there and do it for them. Then they were yelling at some kid for pushing. I mean YELLING. it is a game. They are learning. That is why we have refs. It was crazy. I thought the parents were going to start brawling!

If the coaches are that bad I can imagine what the children are like. Luckily the eads have no athletic ability. None!

Jewls said...

I'm glad they kicked him out, that is totally inappropriate, and SO juvenile (like jr. high kids who use it every other word because they think it's cool)!!

Blessed Beyond said...

Unreal!!!! I am with you, I don't think he should be able to ever coach again! UGH!!!!! This makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Humph!! Someone like that doesn't need to be an influence on kids! You were right...., I was glued and I think I had even stopped breathing.... whew. :) Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blogging entertainment. Mom

Bridget said...

SO not cool!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Terrible :/

I'm glad my kids don't like baseball.

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh. How immature do you have to be do say f you to someone in front of kids!!?? wow...

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