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Next time I'll take a shower buddie

Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay so let me tell ya about my experience this past Saturday night while going to take a shower at the bath house in the camping ground...first off, I know what our thinking..."she used a bath house??? GROSS!"

Anyway, We had enjoyed a great day out on the boat (I will post pictures later, promise!) we tubed, fished and floated around. We headed back to our campsite to cook dinner, make smores and sit around and talk. After the smores & food where gone, Kyle was no longer interested and decided he was going to go walk around the circle with two girls he had met(yes, Kyle makes friends where ever he goes.) Chris & I were enjoying the fire and each others company and totally lost track of time. It was after 11pm and we still had to get showers(since we smelled like river muck and fire!) Chris said he would wait for Kyle to come back before heading to the mens showers. I went ahead, packed by stuff and headed up along the path to the bathhouse(flash light in hand). As I crossed the pay ground I ran into Kyle hanging out on the swings talking to the two girls he had meet. I told him to head back to camp so Chris could come get a shower.

I headed into the women's bathroom, checked all the stalls for spiders before choosing the cleanest one(if you can even call them clean) and started to get my stuff arranged for easy reach. I took my sweatshirt, shirt & bra off when I heard the bathroom door open. I was not alarmed since the camp was kind of packed that weekend. I thought it was a women coming in to pee one last time before settling down to sleep for the night. I heard a few foot steps and then a strange voice...(you know the kind of tone when a man is trying to talk like an old women???? yep, that kind of voice.)

Strange voice: "heeeelllllllooooooo?"

Me: no answer( I assumed they were talking to someone else)

Strange voice: "heeeellllllloooooo??????"

Me: no answer

Strange voice: "is anyone in here?"

Me: (had I missed someone during my stall check and they are stranded and getting ready to ask me to hand them some toilet paper).....NOPE! I didn't want them turning the corner and coming any closer to me in the shower stall half naked so I answered,


I mean seriously...I really don't want to carry on a conversation with a husky voiced women while I am trying to shower in a public bath house...REALLY!

Strange voice: "do you want some company?"

At that statement I stop dead in my tracks, half naked and begin to think to myself that this could really be a man trying to disguise his voice as a women and come in here to attack me or worse yet... rape me and the only weapon I have is a flash light and a pink hair dryer! For the few of you that do know me in person you know that I am not one to scare easily. I have spent most the nights of my married life alone due to Chris work schedule and it takes alot to get me worked up and freaked out. You know how in the movies they always show the women running in high heels away from a mugger or some strange lunatic trying to kill her? Well, I AM NOT that Women. I am the women that would not run away, but instead take that high heel show off, gouch your eye out, then wipe your blood off before putting it back on and walking away with my dignity while you lay retching on the ground in agony!

But since I didn't happen pack my high heels for the camping trip I used my most pissed off sarcastic voice(Chris hates my pissed off sarcastic voice) and replied.

Me: "ugh.....NOOOOOO!"

Strange voice: "oh, okay"

the bathroom door slams and I hear footsteps pounding the dirt as the strange voiced person runs away. I throw my bra & shirt back on load up my stuff, grab my flash light and head for the door. I walk the path back to camp where I then tell the entire story to Chris exactly how it happened(after I blamed him for being the strange voice). Well that was all it took. Before I could blink Chris was in full pissed off protective hubby mode. he grabbed his beating stick(a.k.a police asp baton) and headed back up the path toward the bath house on a mission to beat some man to pulp....and then ask questions!

Now, don't go wiggin out on me ladies.....Chris never did come across anyone(lucky them) and everyone lived to see another day.

****Note to self, next time you get a brilliant idea to go shower alone in the dark wilderness......DON'T!****************


Mary said...

Yikes what a creepy story! I'm glad you're alright! I was waiting for you to say it was your hubby or kyle that did it.

By the way, I would not want to be beaten with one of those Asps. I used to work for a company that sells police equipment (it was called Streichers) and those things are no joke. :)

Tamela said...

Yikes, that would have freaked me out! I would be carrying some pepper spray. I'm glad you didn't get hurt, though I kinda with Chris did find that "voice."

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Are you SERIOUS!? That is my worst nightmare EVER EVER EVER. I am SO glad you are ok!

Jewls said...

I was thinking that in the end it would turn out that it was your husband...that would have been an awesome prank! Of course...having been married to him for so long he probably couldn't trick you with a weird voice!

I'm officially creeped out and I'll vow right now never to shower out in the middle of nowhere without a bodyguard! ;)

Tara said...

Oh.my.gosh!! I would have been scared to even walk out of there. I, too, thought you were gonna say it was Chris. Glad that knucklehead didn't try anything more than disguising his voice.

Jenna said...

weird...I figured you would say it was chris or kyle... That's scary. Maybe they thought you were his wife and he got a good laugh back at his camp for his mistake...hopefully. Glad you weren't hurt!

Brooke said...

OMG! I'm glad you're ok...now don't do that again!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

My first thought would of been it was my husband too joking around! I'm so glad everything worked out ok.

Kristi said...

WOW that freaks me out! I am total opposite of you in that department! Jason travels quit frequently and I am such a baby. Every sound freaks me out. There was a flyer left on my door one night and I made my parents come check it out because I was convinced it was a ploy to get me to open the door and they could get in my house! LOL it ended up being from boy scouts...but seriously who does that after dark??

Jason is dying to take me camping and I am so scared to go! I have never been!

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