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giveaway winner....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

and the winner of my Nutri-Vitamin spray is.....


Marlessa over @ Southern Reflection(her button is over on my sidebar. The Southern Family, head on over and say hello to her...she is just the sweetest!)

Congrats chicka!

Send me an email with your address info so I can get your prize right out in the mail to you!

Camping Trip

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last weekend we headed to Jordan Lake for a weekend family camping trip. Here is "The Fisherman" and with his "other" lady!

Our homestead for the weekend(note to self: tents are NOT water proof)

Just us being goofing while Kyle is in charge of cooking the hotdogs.(note to self: a 13 year old boy cooking over an open flame...NOT GOOD!)

Kyle & Chevy's home for the weekend(aren't they just the cutest couple you have ever seen!). Yes they both slept in the tent together. During the night we would hear Kyle saying "scoot over Chevy...geez!" I can only imagine the stink in that tent when it was sipped up! Since Kyle refused to use the bathhouse after all my drama and Chevy swam in the lake and rolled in the sand....NICE!

This is me and my winning catch...what??? Does it really look that small? I swaer it was huge in person!

Oh Lordy I look a hot mess in this one...yikes!

See...his isn't any bigger than mine...right??????...actually I think we may have caught the same fish twice?????

Kyle never even put a pole in the water. All he wanted to do was get on his tube and hit the water(more of these pictures on a future post)

awwww....MY boys!

see I told a tent wasn't water proof!

yes...he is using a cup to throw the standing water out of our tent after a huge storm hit...NOT COOL GOD!

See, and all you guys thought I was crazy to go camping. We really had a great time. We cooked hotdogs, chicken wing & smores. Swam, caught some fish and rode the tube....minus the down pour it was a great family weekend with tons of memoires made...and that's what matters most!

New York Trip

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry for the delay on the NYC pictures but it has been a hectic week with ballgames camping and Chris being home for a few days...so what is a wife to do??? Put off posting & spend time with my boyz....sorry you gals had to be put on the back burner.
Anyhow, this is the one place I just had to see. i love Tiffany & Company(not that I can afford anything in there since the cheapest thing they had was a small coin purse for $50!!)
This is me & Marsha(aka my partner in crime) while we were hanging on for dear life in the taxi! Yes, we came VERY close to hitting a pedestrian...NO JOKE! Those drivers don't play I tell ya!

Me & partner in crime...at the crime scene...(bahahaha!)

They must have been expecting up cause they were all set up to throw us a party....what??? you don't think it was for us????.......HOW RUDE!

Oh how I love those little blue boxes...they make my heart go pitter patter!!!!

this is me in all my glory on the carriage ride around Central Park. It was amazing! Did you know that there is a huge carousel down in the park.....who knew!!!!

This was our trusty steed Felix!

Me & Meg taking a much needed break in Time Square.....actually we were on the lookout for the so called "Naked Cowboy"....he stood us up!

Me being an idiot...sorry i screwed up your picture Meggers!

Had to take a picture of this to bring home to my Bubba. It was really a sign that was in Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, where we ate dinner.

This picture is of me & Tara (from Keeping Up With The Kellys) it was taken while we were waiting to board back on the bus to head home....do we look give out or what!

We had a wonderful time and the weather was just perfect. And I must not have been too bad to get to know cause we are going back in August and guess who is coming with me again???? TARA!!!! See I'm not so bad...right?????

Random Dozen

1. Would you rather host a party or simply attend one?

I am the "Hostess with the mostess". I love hosting parties, baby showers, wedding showers and even host my own Christmas ornament exchange party at my house the 1st Sunday in December...oh, and your all invited this year :O)

2. Tell us about your most memorable party you have ever been to.

ummmm...that would be back in High School and I can not disclose all that information cause my Momma follows my blog and I may end up getting grounded!
But just for the record, it was a BLAST!

3. What is one thing you hope for in the after-life.

To see all my family again, mainly my dad who past away in a car wreck when I was 16.

4. What do you enjoy most about the sunshine?

getting my tan on...duh????

5. When you attend a bridal/baby shower do you prefer to bring your own gift or chip in to buy a larger, more expensive gift?

This one depends on how well I know the person the gift is for. If I know them well, I like to do my own thing. If not, I am fine to chip in.

6. Would you rather have a free week of having your house cleaned or all of your meals cooked for you and your family?

Molly Maid please! I would love to have some one come in and clean my house from top to bottom, but then again I am so picking about my house they probably wouldn't do it well enough to suit me...I know...I'm weird like that!

7. What song describes your mood today?

Smile by Uncle Kracker

8. What is something you received at a bridal/wedding shower that you still use?

Well after almost 15 years this is a tuff one. One think is a newspaper basket given to me by my Great Aunt. It has been spray painted a few times but I still use it in my sunroom. Oh and how could I forget my handy dandy old fashioned hand held medal potato peeler!

9. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is?

oh good lordy this is a dumb question.....Ice cream is a food group there are no favorite flavors. If it can fit in a bowl, a cup or on a cone it's ALL mine.....and I have been known to eat it straight out of the carton when I was preggo with Kyle.

10. When was the last time you felt "tested"?

Kyle test me everyday, but I guess that doesn't count huh? So, I would have to say the past 8 months since Chris has been transferred away from home. I am so ready for him to come back!

11. "Fill in the blank" is the food that once I start eating I find it really hard to stop.

see question #9

12. "blank" is the best motivation


Hope you have enjoyed my random dozen. Feel free to steal the button and do your own!

things that make me go hmmmmmm......

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1. Why there is no word in the English language that rhymes with orange?
2. Why women can't be so lucky to pee standing up?
(this was really brought to my attention this past weekend while camping)
3. Why there are number in Algebra...there should no numbers in math!!!!!!
4. Does ice cool your drink or does your drink melt you ice?
5. Why it takes longer to get some where than to get back home?...or maybe that just me
6. Why the last drink out of a bottle taste so nasty?
7. Why all directions don't come with pictures?
8. Why I can't get my coffee pot to stop blinking 12:00?
9. Why Kyle thinks it is so hard to close a dresser drawer and I can do it with one finger?
10. Doe slight in the fridge really go off when you shut the door?

what makes you go hmmmmmmm???????

Next time I'll take a shower buddie

Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay so let me tell ya about my experience this past Saturday night while going to take a shower at the bath house in the camping ground...first off, I know what our thinking..."she used a bath house??? GROSS!"

Anyway, We had enjoyed a great day out on the boat (I will post pictures later, promise!) we tubed, fished and floated around. We headed back to our campsite to cook dinner, make smores and sit around and talk. After the smores & food where gone, Kyle was no longer interested and decided he was going to go walk around the circle with two girls he had met(yes, Kyle makes friends where ever he goes.) Chris & I were enjoying the fire and each others company and totally lost track of time. It was after 11pm and we still had to get showers(since we smelled like river muck and fire!) Chris said he would wait for Kyle to come back before heading to the mens showers. I went ahead, packed by stuff and headed up along the path to the bathhouse(flash light in hand). As I crossed the pay ground I ran into Kyle hanging out on the swings talking to the two girls he had meet. I told him to head back to camp so Chris could come get a shower.

I headed into the women's bathroom, checked all the stalls for spiders before choosing the cleanest one(if you can even call them clean) and started to get my stuff arranged for easy reach. I took my sweatshirt, shirt & bra off when I heard the bathroom door open. I was not alarmed since the camp was kind of packed that weekend. I thought it was a women coming in to pee one last time before settling down to sleep for the night. I heard a few foot steps and then a strange voice...(you know the kind of tone when a man is trying to talk like an old women???? yep, that kind of voice.)

Strange voice: "heeeelllllllooooooo?"

Me: no answer( I assumed they were talking to someone else)

Strange voice: "heeeellllllloooooo??????"

Me: no answer

Strange voice: "is anyone in here?"

Me: (had I missed someone during my stall check and they are stranded and getting ready to ask me to hand them some toilet paper).....NOPE! I didn't want them turning the corner and coming any closer to me in the shower stall half naked so I answered,


I mean seriously...I really don't want to carry on a conversation with a husky voiced women while I am trying to shower in a public bath house...REALLY!

Strange voice: "do you want some company?"

At that statement I stop dead in my tracks, half naked and begin to think to myself that this could really be a man trying to disguise his voice as a women and come in here to attack me or worse yet... rape me and the only weapon I have is a flash light and a pink hair dryer! For the few of you that do know me in person you know that I am not one to scare easily. I have spent most the nights of my married life alone due to Chris work schedule and it takes alot to get me worked up and freaked out. You know how in the movies they always show the women running in high heels away from a mugger or some strange lunatic trying to kill her? Well, I AM NOT that Women. I am the women that would not run away, but instead take that high heel show off, gouch your eye out, then wipe your blood off before putting it back on and walking away with my dignity while you lay retching on the ground in agony!

But since I didn't happen pack my high heels for the camping trip I used my most pissed off sarcastic voice(Chris hates my pissed off sarcastic voice) and replied.

Me: "ugh.....NOOOOOO!"

Strange voice: "oh, okay"

the bathroom door slams and I hear footsteps pounding the dirt as the strange voiced person runs away. I throw my bra & shirt back on load up my stuff, grab my flash light and head for the door. I walk the path back to camp where I then tell the entire story to Chris exactly how it happened(after I blamed him for being the strange voice). Well that was all it took. Before I could blink Chris was in full pissed off protective hubby mode. he grabbed his beating stick(a.k.a police asp baton) and headed back up the path toward the bath house on a mission to beat some man to pulp....and then ask questions!

Now, don't go wiggin out on me ladies.....Chris never did come across anyone(lucky them) and everyone lived to see another day.

****Note to self, next time you get a brilliant idea to go shower alone in the dark wilderness......DON'T!****************

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey ladies, while I am out this weekend basking in the sun on the back of our boat enjoying a good book & my boys, make sure you take time to enter my giveaway.

Details below

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!

The "F" Bomb

Friday, May 21, 2010

...no folks, I am not talking about Kyle cutting a nasty stank fart.

I am talking about the ever dreaded, NEVER should be used, so foul your mouth should be washed out with soap, four letter word...yep, the F@#K word!

I bet most of you have your eyes glued to your computer screens at this very moment wondering where in the world I am going with this post...so before my mother falls out in to a full blown heart attack at the sight of me even typing that word I will fill ya in on what happened.

During Kyle's baseball game last night(keep in mind he plays on the 14-16 year old Bath Ruth league) we were loosing so badly I hate to even type the score(it's almost a terrible as the F word it's self!)...anywho, it was 15-0 and guess which team had the 15(just a hint...it wasn't us!)

The other team was up to bat with the bases loaded and the batter hit a killer ball. Well instead of the 3rd base coach taking it easy on us(which would have been nice) he drown the runner all the way around to third bringing in two more runners and upping their score to 17. Our coach was a tad upset at the other coaches unsportsman like conduct (since we were already getting creamed.) The he made a comment to the other teams coach and said "thanks man!"

To that the other teams coach replied....get ready here it comes.....

"F*&K you!"

the crowd of on lookers and parents gasped as well as several hundred dead grandmother's rolled over in their graves!

Are you serious!!!!! Can you believe the coach of the other team dropped the F bomb at a Babe Ruth ball game???

What in the sam hill is this world coming to? It makes me wonder what his child is going to grow up to be like and pray to God that his son stays away from Kyle!

The ump's kicked him out of the game and he was forced to leave that park and is unable to coach the next game.(If you ask me he should never be allowed to coach PERIOD!)

For those of you that have small children who are still in T-ball & little league. Listen to me when I say, enjoy every moment of it. Cherish each cheer, running the bases the wrong way, the children playing in the outfield...because before long, all the fun is gone. The teams & coaches are out for a win & only a win.... at all cost.

****side note, we also had two of our players hurt in last nights game by the other team. One had to be taken to Urgent Care to have his knee x-rayed the other is alright but was not able to return to finish the game.*****

I must say, I am so ready for this season to end. We have only 4 games left and I would be okay with never playing another one.

What a difference!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is what my house looked like at the end of Janurary. Yuckye & cold and snow covered....{{{{brrrrr}}}} ...me no likey snow!!!!!

And this is what my house looked like this morning...or at least it did when I left!
This is much more warm, green & inviting. Don't ya think? But I hate that you can't see the cute black & white polka dot cushions I made for the whicker chairs on the porch and my beautiful urns with my ferns....dang it! And I did such a good job on them if I do say so myself!

*****don't forget to drop below and enter to win my summer giveaway!!!!********

~ A Giveaway~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I know I promised you guys a giveaway so here it is....you know I aim to please.

It is a full size spray bottle of Nutri- Vitamin Spray from Aloette.com. It is an amazing product to have on hand during the upcoming summer months(I have two bottles myself).

So let me give you the low down on how awesome this product is and what all it does for your skin.

It will instantly hydrate and sooth your skin. It contains 90% organic aloe Vera and silk amino acids with vitamins A, C E & B5.

This is a wonderful product that I can say enough about. It is great to spray on your legs & bikini line after shaving to prevent razor burn and bumps. It is a must have after sunning. Just spray on after your shower and it takes all the sting out. It has also been a life saver for Chris & Kyle when the burn their scalps since it is non greasy and can be sprayed directly on your hair & scalp.

So I guess you want the details on how to win huh???

Please leave a comment for each entry...

(ex: post my button for 4 entries leave three comments tell me you did)

1. Leave me a comment along with your email address so I can contact you if you win (1 entry)

2. Follow my blog or already be a follower (2 entries)

3. Post about my giveaway (3 entries)

4. Add my button to your blog (4 entries)

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.....................Hurry up gals you don't want to miss this one!

*********Giveaway ends Friday May 28th at Noon...HURRY UP!!!!!********

the count down begins

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There are 15 days left before my Bubba will walk across the stage and out the doors of his Middle School for the last time. I must say this is effecting me much more than I thought it would. It's an entire new phase in his life (and mine).

So much is changing so fast. He is going to Kentucky for almost 2 weeks the day after school lets out to spend time with my family. Then he will head off to church camp in July. He also will be working some this summer to save up money to buy a truck...WHAT?!? ......let me go back and re-read what I just typed.....did I really actually type that MY son is getting a job to save money for a truck! There is NO way that I am old enough to have a son old enough to need to get a job to buy a truck!!!!! Oh, Lord, I think I need to be medicated right now!

...sad for me but it is true.

Kyle is excited to turn 14 in July, become a Jr. Firefighter and start working for a farmer that we go to church with. He worked there last summer and I have to say, that boy worked his butt off and was so dirty when I picked him up every afternoon he had to presoak to get clean. He earns $75.00 a week cash money which I think is good money for his age....but I let him blow most of it on mud tires for the 4 wheeler and games for the play station....but this summer it will all be put away into his saving account.(highly recommend gettting your child a saving account and let them know thay have one as soon as theya re old enough to learn about money)

But this summer he has his eye on the prize....a 1996 Chevy extended cab with duel exhaust, with a 2 inch lift kit, mud tires, metal tool box and even a dog box(not sure why he thinks he needs a dog box Chevy isn't going to jump out and run off anywhere)...must just be the cool factor. Why he is dying to have this truck is beyond me but he has loved a Chevy truck since he could talk. And I bet all of you are wondering how I knew all this useless info to type it out...well, it's becuse Kyle has drilled into my head non stop since he could talk!

So in a few weeks, I will be the mother of a High Schooler. It breaks my heart to know in 4 short years he will be packing up and leaving home to start his own life. I know to some of you 4 years seems like a long time but when I sit and think of how fast the past 4 years have flown by I will be an empty nester in no time.


Hello Summer!

This is my new favorite perfume! Have you gals smelled this???? If not...you need to! It is AMAZING!!!!!!! It's like the beach all wrapped up in a cute little bottle, complete with a tad of sand...ahhhhhh....pure bliss!

I bought it a few weeks ago and have wore it a few times and I must say it just has that wonderful summer time smell....you know that smell that if you close your eyes and take a whiff you would really think that you were laying on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun.

It has a hint of floral and coconut that is just delish!!!! It's like a tropical island all stuffed into a bottle...of course without the cabana boy serving you cute little drinks with umbrellas!

So what is your favorite perfume?

I'm gorgeous...did ya'll know that????

Friday, May 14, 2010

or so Tara over @ Keeping up with the Kelly's told ME! Thanks girlie!!!!!

So now I have to share 10 things about me and and then tell you 5 things I don't like.
1. I LOVE ice cream...did ya'll know that????
2. I got married when I was was only 19!
3. My 15 year Anniversary is in August...SO excited!!!
4. I have bungee jumped...and no I would not do it again(it happened during one of those brain fart moments in my life)!
5. I only do laundry one day a week(usually on Saturdays)
6. I really want to repaint our master bedroom but can't decide on a color, maybe I will let you guys pick one for me!
7. I am SO tired of Chris being so far away. I feel like he is missing out on so many things.
8. I have found an new wine that I love called Moscato...where the heck has it been hiding since I turned 21?????
8. I love to read.
9. I love summer thunder storms.
10. My wedding cake was a 3 tier cheesecake and it was delish!
Now for the 5 things I don't like:
1. Tomatoes & seafood
2. fake people
3. people who love to hear themselves talk so they never shut up!
4. spiders
5. and cleaning floors...I would rather scrub a toilet ya'll!!!
So now it time for me to pass this onto 5 lucky ladies out there.
Marlessa @ Southern Loves
Miss Jody @ Miss Fancy Pants
Bridget @ Among the Chaos
Heather @ Sugar & Spice & mostly nice
Tamela @ The Chatty Brunette
Thanks for playing along with me. Hope you all have awonderful weekend. See ya when I get back from New York City!!!!!!!

T minus 36 hours & counting....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

till I bored the bus yet AGAIN to head to the big apple. But this time, I am more excitied than normal...why you ask?

I am so stoked because one of favorite blog buddies has decided to come along and join me!!! YIPEEEEEE!!!

Can you believe it? We have never met in person and have only been communicating through our blogs for the past few months. She lives around the Raleigh area so I thought I would take a wild try and see if she wanted to come along...and guess what??? She said "sure"...HOW STINKIN CRAZY IS THAT!

So now Mrs. Sweet Tara over @ Keeping Up with the Kelly's(*psst*...her button is hanging out over to your left) is heading out with me Friday night to New York for a weekend of sightseeing and shopping.

I am so excited to meet her I could just pee my pants!!!! But to keep her from seeing my wet crotch I will just jump up & down and cross my legs when I meet her!!!!

So Tara, I am counting down the hours on the clock....SO excited!!!!

Wordless Wenesday

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have never done this before cause I'm not good at being wordless...or quiet for that matter...see!
Dang it!....oh well...here's my picture

....I'm still not too sure about this Wordless Wednesday stuff but I'm tryin....crap...I gotta stop talking...I mean typin'........ah shoot

another conversation with Kyle.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today I decided to grace you ladies with another episode of "another conversation with Kyle". I know how several of you look forward to this saga on my blog so I shall not be one to disappoint!

I will begin by setting the scene for you....picture this if you will....Me, Chris, MIL and a friend of mine, minding our own business watching Kyle's ball game last night. All the sudden this teenage kid walks up to Chris and says

Teenager "hey aren't you a cop?"

(1st off this is a BIG NO,NO with Chris. I won't go into the details now but just don't EVER call him a cop!....mkay...back to my story)

Chris "why?"

(2nd point, we live in a semi small town and most everyone knows that Chris is a State Trooper...which means we go very few places where he doesn't run into "past customers" as he calls them)

Teenager "well, I just wanted to ask you a question"

Chris "okay, about what"

by this time, Chris is starting to get a tad miffed since he is only home for 2 days and is missing Kyle's ballgame.

The teenager goes on to ask Chris if he should have stayed at the scene of an accident that he was just involved in where he rear ended someone when the car he hit just drove away.....they carry on this conversation for a few more minutes....Chris growing less & less patient with each cheer from the crowd, knowing he is missing the game.

They finish the conversation and Chris watches the boy walk back over to his mom and begin to explain everything Chris had told him to her. That when Sgt. Owens kicks in and he gets up to go talk to the boys mom and explain that he needs to call the Highway Patrol and go back out to the scene & meet them to file a report. Otherwise the boy could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and failure to file & report.

Long story short, the boys call the patrol and leaves the ball game to go meet up with a trooper at the scene and we go back to watching the ballgame.

After the game we are walking back to the car and the mother stops Chris to thank him for the help and then tells Chris that her son had been waiting at the scene for over 45 minutes and the trooper had just showed up and then she made the statement of all statements!!!!

"I guess he had to finish his doughnuts"

at this point(knowing the hubs like I do...I just kept walking to the truck) I sure didn't want to be around to see him go postal!

She then asks Chris another question about the accident & the charges her son could have filed against him to which Chris replied....

"sorry, I can't help ya, I gotta go pick up my doughnuts" and walks off!

When he gets in the truck he starts telling me everything that was said. The whole deal about the doughnuts and his response to her that he needed to leave to pick up his doughnuts.

*******Know stay with me cause this is where the Kyle part comes in.********

Kyle is in the back seat minding his own business texting on this phone(but not missing a word we say). After Chris finished telling me everything Kyle leans up between the seats and says.....

"were picking up doughnuts! Cool, from where?"

Now I'm not kiddin people...I can't make this crap up. The boy really uttered those words to his Dad! I swear all that boy thinks about is food!!!

Chris rolls his eyes and me well, lets just say it's a good thing I didn't have a mouth full of drink cause it would have covered my dash board & windshield!!!!

Needless to say we DID NOT stop for doughnuts, but settled for Wendy's instead!

the best gift EVER!

Monday, May 10, 2010

what did I get for Mother's Day??? I got the best gift ever from Kyle.....

he scrubbed.....
he sprayed........

and scrubbed some more(he even got all the bug guts off!) and he even towel dried it after he asked if he could drive it down the road to blow off all the water but that was a BIG fat NEGATORY!!!...nice try though
I must say, he did a pretty good job considering he learned from the best! (not me of course, but his Dad....Chris can wash a detail a car like you have never seen!)
ahhhhh...nothing beats a clean set of wheels especially on Mother's Day!!!! :O)


Friday, May 7, 2010

I received this cute award form Marlessa over @ Southern Loves.{thanks girlie} it has been a a while since I have received one so I am tickled pink to know that a new reader/follower really loves ME! Please head on over to her blog and say hello. She has the two cutest kiddo's(her link is on my sidebar).
So to play along I have to tell you 10 things that I love...just 10? Whew this maybe be harder than I thought????

1. God- first and foremost. He has saved my soul and blessed my life many times over.Everything I am I owe to him and I stand in aw of his beauty and miracles everyday! Oh and God...I know you have a sense of humor too{wink, wink}

2. My husband- he is the love of my life. We will soon celebrate our 15 year anniversary and I am so excited! The years have not all been easy ones and we have spend alot of time apart due to his job(like now!) but I know in my heart that everything he does is to make life better for Kyle & I. He always puts us first in everything he does and I am so proud to be his wife.

3. My Bubba- yes, my only child. He is the smile, laughter and chaos that makes my world go round. He is all sweetness, good ole' country redneck and mud rolled into one package. He makes me laugh everyday with his crazy antics and silly looks. I have said this before and I will say it until the day I take my last breath....."he is my grand finale"

4. My family- In my opinion I have the best in the world...but I guess we all say that huh? But it's true. I am the only person in my family that does not live in Kentucky. At times in breaks my heart to not be with them. One of the first things I told Chris when we got married and he swept me away to Georgia was, " don't EVER complain about how high the phone bill is cause I'm gonna talk to my momma!"....and you know what? He never has!(and trust before cell phones came along...it was HIGH!!!!!). Sorry, I guess I got off track! Anyhow. My family is always there for me and even though they are far away they make time to still be apart of my life everyday and I love them for that.

5. My friends- yep, can't forget them! I have the greatest friends. I have old friends who have been around since what seems like caveman days like "my Heather" and then I have friends who have been around a few years like " Ashley, Marsha and Meg"...and then there are the wonderful friends I will never meet which are you guys! Each one is special in there own way to me and you know what they say..."a girl can never have too many friends!"

6. The beach- if you have even looked at my blog layout you can tell that I love the beach. We try and head over for a day of sunning at least twice a month. I love only living 45 minutes away from the coast. It is wonderful to able to layout out all day and still get home In time to throw some steaks on the grill for supper....does it get any better than that?....I think not!

7. Ice Cream-okay this one right here is a given. If you have been a loyal follower for any length of time you know how much I LOVE ice cream. I really should be in therapy for this addiction, or maybe even start my own support group. I love it, can't live a day without it. It can be in a cup, cone, bowl, shake...whatever.....I don't care as long as it is ALL MINE! And I swear you can come to my house on ant day and open my fridge and there will be at least 4 half gallons staring back at you...SEEE...do you see how tempting that is....curse that ice cream!

8. Purses-some women have a shoe fetish, for some it is makeup or pricey purfume...me...not so much. I am addicted to purses. I bet I have 60 in my closet right now and they are all organized by color....sad I know.

9. Black Friday-okay, I know you think I am a tad strange now but I guess I am. I love Black Friday shopping. It is like a huge rush for me. I get the newspaper bright and early on Thanksgiving morning(forget putting Tom in the oven I gotta get my game plan together). I sit down and get in deep thought...plotting...planning...replanning. Then get on the phone with the girls that shop with me and we set times and places to me up. It is one of the most fun days pf the year for me. We get up early, freeze waiting in line, shop, laugh, eat, shop some more, stop for ice cream(see here we go again with that addiction)and shop some more. We have bought so much stuff before that we could not see out of the back of the Suburban....we are sad, sad women folks!

10. Monograms- yep, I do....it is almost to the point of extreme! I have my monogram stickers on my truck, monogrammed necklace, makeup bag, purse, door mat, a garden flag, note pads, mouse pad, lunch tote and even monogrammed soap(yep, no joke!)not with just an "O" either but with all 3 initials! I say a girl can never have to many things monogrammed but do you know how hard it is to find stuff with a "T" on it...just try it and let me know how that works out for ya!

So the are my Top 10 Loves (aka ere and strange addictions). Hope you enjoyed my list now I am to pick 10 wonderful ladies to pass this award onto. So my Top 10 ladies are(in particular order)....

Becky @ In The Trenches
Tamela @ The Chatty Brunette
Jenna @ Jenna's Jargon
Kristi @ The Brouse House
Tara @ Keeping up With the Kellys
Leslie @ Words of Me Project
Sara @ Domestically Challenged
Angie @ Treasures
Mary @ The Englar Family
Bridgette @ Among the Chaos

Most of these ladies are also hanging out on my sidebar head on over and say hello....they would love to here from you!

Blessing to all of you for a wonderful Mother's Day!

things I wish I'd known before they cut me open

Thursday, May 6, 2010

being a mom has it's good moments and "not so" good moments. Do you ever sit and ponder how nice it would have been for someone to fill you in about all these "mother things" before you had a child? Or maybe it should be a law that you have to take a class before you get pregnant...cause I sure would have attended, sat at the front of the class and taken a ton of notes!

Don't get me wrong..... Kyle has been nothing but a blessing to Chris and I but he has had his "stinker" moments over the past 13 years. Like the time he colored down my new comforter with a Sharpie marker. Or the time he locked me out of the house while I went to change the laundry. Or how he locked himself in the car while strapped in his car seat(don't ask, we still can't figure it out).

Kyle has definitely kept me on my toes. You never know what is churning around up in that head of his and what is going to make it down and come out of his mouth.

1. I wish I would have known how hard it would be to watch my child lay in the NICU for 3 days.

2. or how hard it would be to hear him cry and not be able to sooth him.

3. to know first hand how soured milk smells on your clothes.

4. how much he was going to make me laugh when he learned to talk.(even to the point of drink coming out my nose)

5. or how he wants every stray creature he finds, to take up residency at our house.(tadpoles, frogs, lizards, turtles, cats, hermit crabs)

6. and now all the times I just want him to be quiet for 5 mins(see example 4)

7. how hard it would be to let him go to his first boy/girl party.

8. how gross it is to clean up pee from all around the toilet...grrrrrr!

9. to wonder what he really looks like under all that mud he stays covered in!(I swear that is what holds him together!)

10. how much my brain would hurt from listening to him make siren and truck engine noises with his mouth while I am driving down the road(he still does this even today!)

11. just how far my heart would sink when I noticed in the mirror for the first time that he was taller than me.

12. how great his love for Chevy trucks and mud tires would be.

I am sure there will be more moments to come over the years. It has been a journey that will continue.....moments he will make my blood boil and times where I want to scoop him up and hold him forever. But I guess every mother feels that way. Some moments we love them to pieces and the next we want to stand back and pretend with our finger and thumb that we are"squishin da little heads!"....come on, you know you have done that before?


I think I have had a buttom come loose.....

It has been brought to my attention that several buttons I added to my sidebar are not being linked to the correct blogs so let me get to work on that and see what I can do to get this problem fixed......don't fret ladies I will get you back up and running in no time!

i've been thinkin'

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hold on to your bloomers ladies this one could be a doosie!

nah...just kidding but I have been doing some brain storming lately and I think it may be time for me to do another giveaway.....what do ya think?

all in favor say "I"

{{all I's from the crowd}}

The I's have it. So I am off to see what I can scrounge up for you ladies...I'll be back, don't go anywhere!

another morning conversation with Kyle

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I know how all of you enjoy some of the morning conversations I have with Kyle, so here is the one that took place just this morning.

Kyle "who's that for?" {as he points to a pack of beef jerky and sunflower seeds on the counter}

Me "I bought them to put in the box at church for the marine we adopted"

Kyle "well what if he doesn't like beef jerky?"

Me "honey,I'm sure he will be happy to eat what ever we sent him."

Kyle "what, they don't feed them over there?"

Me "yes, they feed them but they may go days at a time and not get a hot meal, so they need something that won't spoil and they can eat quick."

Kyle "well you better send him a drink too!"

....ahhhhh...my boy....sometimes his innocence is just too much to bear.

Social Pictures

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now hoe cute is this guy waiting on his date???
Both boys waiting so patiently for the girls to get there...the were fashionably late....of course.

The cute couple!

Carley's " I don't have a clue how to do this" face!

Me & my Bubba (note to self: I have on clogs and we are the same height!!!!)

Ready to ride

two handsome boys Brett & Kyle

This one melts my heart!

The whole crew

Silly couple

oops, he looks so good you get to se this one twice...hehehe

The whole gang...this was a tuff shot, no one would look at the same time!

goofy girls!

Kyle, Brett & KJ

Walking into the dance....ready for a night of rockin it out "Social Style"