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Ahhhhh......the Fair.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let me start by saying that I HATE THE FAIR!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE roller coasters at places like Kings Dominion, Carrowinds & Kings Island. And I must be in the very front seat when I ride....cause if I die I want to see what is about to chop my head off :O)

But I hate county fairs! This being said, where did I go last night???? Hmmmmmm....let me think........oh, that's right! THE STINKING COUNTY FAIR!!!!!

Being the wonderful, most awesome, fun loving, nice, sweet, caring mother that I am I took Kyle to the fair. All by myself I might add!!! He was dying to see his girlfriend cheer at the compition they hold at the fair each year and then all his friends were going to ride the rides. And let me just say that Kyle has been to the county fair the past 3 years with friends and each time he has thrown up from the rides.

So we watch the cheerleading, which Woodington Middle School won 1st place....GO RAIDERS!!!!!! Anyway.....and then he was off with his little group of friends to the rides....and I was left alone to fill over 2 hours of "down time". So I walk around and look at all the exhibits and vendors and still had 1hr & 45 mins to kill :O)

So then I found a picnic table and sat back and decided to do a little "people watching".....that my friend was a scary experience.....man do fairs bring people out of the woodwork or what?!?

Finally, at 9:30 Kyle made his way back to eat his slice of pizza I had got him for supper. And boy was he pale as a ghost...I knew this was going to be bad. He said he felt to sick to eat his pizza and that he just wanted to go and close his eyes. His girlfriend just sat there and laughed.

He rode the entire way home with the windows down and his eyes closed and I told him to give me plenty of notice if I need to pull over for "puke stop". Thank goodness we made it home where he climbed in bed with his handy trash can close by his side.

.......ahhhhhhh....the fair..............


E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha, that sounds like a BLAST! What no pictures?

I mean that's some great blog footage there! Green sons who are about to barf are GREAT photos, Trish! =0)

Chanda said...

Awww, poor guy! Hope he is feeling better this morning!

Tamela said...

I hate the fair too. I don't mind going and people watching, but you will NOT find me on the rides. I am terrified of them. Bumper cars are about the only thing you will see me on. I don't mind being the person left on the ground holding the stuff, because I would rather keep my insides in!

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