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Say what?!?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

okay people, Kyle just sent me a text message and said

his text "Madison(his girfriend) asked if I could come over to her house Saturday night. can I go? She asked her mom and she said ok"

My text "and do what?"

his text "idk, watch a movie or something"

My text "how about you guys get a group together and meet up at the movies"

his text "is that a no"

My text "let me tlk to ur dad"

his text "k"

....okay Dad, ball is now in your court on this one.....AND don't let me down!!!!

I don't think I am doing very good on this whole teenager thing.....I might need therapy or medication or a something....he's too young to go over to some girls house with some parents I don't know and do God knows what when her parents are not paying attention in God knows where and ......oh goodness I can't breathe.......


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Say what?!?