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"Saw VI"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I know the movie hasn't come out yet but I swear you could have used Kyle's bathroom this morning for part of the footage!

For the past several years Kyle has been prone to nose bleeds. This morning he was eating his breakfast at the bar and kept sneezing ( a normal morning routine for Kyle).....after the 3rd sneeze I told him to go to his bathroom and blow his nose.
He gets down and goes back to his bathroom while I head off to the laundry room to iron his shirt ( yes, I do all my ironing in the morning...I never think that far in advance to do it the night before....don't judge me!)

Anyhow, back to my horror movie......when a few minutes pass and Kyle hasn't returned to finish his cereal, which is now forming into wallpaper paste, I yell for him to hurry up. When he doesn't answer I head back to his bathroom to add a little "morning momma modivation". As I turn to walk in his bathroom I actually scream!!!!!

Why you ask????? Well, lets just say it looked like the St. Valentine's Massacre took place in this 6 X 11 bathroom! Kyle is standing at the sink holding a Kleenex that is soaked in blood up to his nose and the rest of bathroom is COVERED in blood spatters. When I say covered.....I mean COVERED...the sink, mirror, wall, shower curtain, toliet, floor, rug....EVERYTHING!

It looked like someone to a weed wacker to the poor childs nose!!!!

Come to find out, he said he sneezed as soon as he walked in the bathroom before he had a chance to get a kleenex.....Yay think????

I tell ya, it was even to gross to take a picture of. And it was too early in the morning for me to be scrubbing up blood (which I just noticed got on my pants)

But at least he did make it to his bathroom and I didn't have to clean up all the blood from my kitchen...and his breakfast...YUM!

The worst part is, I cleaned his bathroom from top to bottom on Saturday. Even washed the shower curtain and liner too....(don't start Heather, yes I wash the liners cause I'm a tight wad)....oh, well back to square one!

Hope your morning went better than mine!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, that sounds just LOVELY!

What a way to start off your morning, huh?

Hope your day has improved since then. =0)

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