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Hard working man.....?????????

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday morning I went into Kyle's room to wake him up for church and I did something that I have not done in a long time.....I took his right hand and held it while I TRIED to get him to wake up.....all the sudden I felt something gross and yanked my hand back......"what the world is that????"

I opened up his hand and looked at his palm and you will not believe what I saw.....his entire palm and fingers on his right hand are covered with hard calluses!!!!

You would think that with Kyle only 13 years old that we have subjected him to HARD core child labor or that maybe he got the calluses from putting up hay or working in tobacco and corn this summer (hey don't judge me!.... He loved working on the farm and he loved the thought of earning his own money) or maybe he got them from his weekly job of sweeping out our 3 car garage.......these are all thoughts that ran through my head but they were all.....WRONG!!!!!!

As Kyle started to stir I asked him how in the world did he get all the calluses from?

Kyle "they are from riding the 4 wheeler"

Me "well then why are they only on your right hand?".....I mean I was just guessing on this but the last time I checked it did have two handle bars??????

Kyle "Mom, the gas is on the right!!!!"

Me "so why don't you have them on your left hand?"

Kyle "duh, cause that's the brake side!"

Me "enough said"

So there you have it folks. My son has permenant calluses on his right hand from driving his four wheeler. However, the good side is that it could be worse....it could be from playing the Playstation!!!!!! And evidently we can go ahead and disconnect the brakes cause he must not need them!!!!! God help me!

Oh, I took picture with my cell phone to post for all you guys to see but now that Alltel has merged with Verizon I can't seem to access my pictures online...THANKS VERIZON!!!!!!!!


Tamela said...

Oh gosh! I make the bf wear gloves so hes hands don't get too bad. At least he is getting good exercise while riding the four-wheeler. I hear its one heck of a workout!

Jessica said...

I hear ya on the Alltel/Verizon thing. Grr. Seems like little surprises keep popping up with that, huh?

And for sure, it could be worse. At least he's outside getting sun and fresh air instead of bed sores from sitting on the couch all day. True that.

Visiting from SITS, and I'll be back! Have a wonderful day!

Samantha said...

I agree with you - quad riding is definitely better than video games! :) My husband is a quad rider, and he always wears gloves when he rides to protect his hands, like Tamela mentioned. It's worth looking into if he doesn't have a good pair to use while riding.

Stopping by from SITS! You have such a cute blog!

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