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My first award....YIPEEEE!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks sooooooo much to Tamela @ A Brunette Making it...one day at a time, for giving me my first blog award.... "The Adorable Blog Award". Thanks girl..... Kentucky Girls Rock :O)Drop in and check out her blog....2 cute~

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This time next week I will be getting ready to board a bus for a 1 day shopping, sightseeing, people watching extravaganza in The Big Apple.That's right I am off to New York City!!!!! Myself and 50 other women, oh and Kyle....who by the way will be the only male on the bus... I can hardly wait!!!! He only wants to go because he LOVES the Yankee's. I went for the first time back in April and had a BLAST! It was a little overwhelming at first but holy cow what a city. And China Town with all the purses::Wink wink::.....I was in heaven! Here is picture of the coach purse I bought on the last trip.....so cute don't ya think?

Is he 12 or 2??????

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, this is my 12 year old son in the baby swing!!!! He said it was much more comfortable than the regular swing.....then he begged to be pushed, which his 13 year old friend Deven did.....crazy boys!!!!!

My Sweet Suprise!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay,so I have the sweetest husband in the world...right??? I get home last night from work after stopping at the Dollar Tree, Walmart & ALDI getting a few things. When I get home Chris & Kyle had already left to go to a meeting at the fire department. Anyway, as I turn the corner into the kitchen I see this sitting on the counter!!!!! It was one of those clean cotton scented reed defusers and it had the whole kitchen smelling wonderful!

Beside it is a small note he had written that says, "I LOVE YOU".....Awwwwww, what a great husband I have....I wonder what he did wrong that I just haven't found yet......then they get home from the meeting and I think I know why I got the "special" treatment...HE CUT MY BUBBA'S HAIR!!!!

Actually, he did a pretty good job. Kyle on the other hand is still in shock, but at least he did go to school today so I guess it's not that bad.

Hotdogs anyone??????

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a GREAT, relaxing, much needed, long weekend!!!! The Owens house did a bunch of NOTHING! We lounged by the pool, went to a friends cook out and then last night Kyle decided he was going to be in charge of dinner. For a 12 year old boy he loves to cook things(as long as they are quick so he doesn't get bored or side tracked :O))Having ADHD if it doesn't happen quick for Kyle then.....ZOOM.....he's gone! His Nana says he is like a worm in hot ashes....I myself think of him more along the lines of a bouncey ball.

Anyway, being the little pyromanic that he is, the fire was enough to keep his attention and get supper done. He did a great job and they tasted amazing....what a difference a charcoal burn makes on a hotdog....YUMMY!

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures of him cooking and the one of him and Chevy taking a break. Poor Chevy, I think he goes through life being one big pillow for Kyle.....but he sure does love that boy!

~Until Next Time~


Friday, May 22, 2009

I really don't have anything major to post today. Just a few random things...looking sooooooo forward to an extra long holiday weekend. Hopefully spending at least one day at the beach with my boys and maybe the rest at a friends pool.

So Kyle had a ballgame last night. He made a DOUBLE PLAY!!!! For those of you in thedark on this it means he got the ball tagged the runner out going to 2nd base and then threw it to the 1st basemen and got the batter out too!!!! Way too go Kyle!!! However, they still lost the game :(

On another note, end of grade testing is over(aka the dreaded EOG's) and there are only 12 days left of school....YIPEEEEEE!!! And if Kyle can make it through these next 12 days he will have his 3rd year of PERFECT ADDENDANCE! I am so proud of him for getting this. And if we make it threw next year in 8th grade he will have had perfect addendance all throughout Middle School.

I swear I am just as excited for him to get out of school as I was when I went...well almost. I can't wait to not have any homework, no AR reading, studying for test, signing agendas, packing lunches(Kyle refuses to eat school lunches, not to mention it cost $1.75!!!) and I'm pretty sure the food has not changed since I was in school...and yes ladies they still serve rectangle shaped pizza :O)

Well, I am off to start a MUCH needed long holiday weekend. Be safe and I will be back on Tuesday!

~Until Next Time~

American Idol

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okay, how many of you watched the season finale of the show last night???? Was that not the best finale ever in the history of American Idol...Black eyed peas, Cyndi Lauper, KISS, Queen, Queen Latifa, Keith Urban...OMG!!!!! After all the outstanding performers I could have cared less who actually won!!!! However, I could have done without the whole "bikini chick" can you say ***GAG*** I can't wait to see what her body looks like after gaining 70lbs when she's prego.....yes people, that is my excuse :O) I blam it all on my "Bubba" aka Kyle. So anyway, let me know your thought if you watched the show.

~Until Next Time~


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Okay, seriously here people....I try and go get gas...I know a seemingly simple task...or so you would think???? I pull up to the pump get out my debit card and swipe it through the swipey thingy. That is when all the fun begins! First the stupid little machine asks me debit or credit??? Then my zip code?????(not sure how that is relevent to me getting gas unless they may by some stretch of the imagination send me some MUCH needed gas coupons!)Then would you like a receipt??? Then do you want a car wash???? Then what grade of gas would like like???? SERIOUSLY!!!! I JUST WANT SOME GAS!!!!! I think there should be an easy button on the machine that just says Gas gas only please!!!!!!

Blah Weekend

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well I started with good intentions...After a HORRIBLE day Friday at work I decided since Chris would be working nights and Kyle was spending the night with a friend I would have a much needed ME night. You know, do the "normal" chick stuff....paint my toes, give my self a facial, and watch what I want on TV instead of the Speed or Outdoor Channel. So I get home all ready to relax with a bottle of the cutest pink nail polish from Victoria Secret when my cell phone starts vibrating ALL over the bathroom floor....do you know how hard it is to paint you toes and give your self a manicure while texting! Not an easy task! Kyle had not been gone 20 minutes and took it upon himself to let me know his every move! Needless to say, I got that task completeted and relaxed on the couch for some good "Chick Flick" TV...by 9:30 I was out...what kinda girl night was that .....GRRRRRRRRRR!

Saturday I went to my friend Ashley's baby shower. Everything has changed soooo much since I had Kyle. You should ssee the new diaper Genie Elite...... Holy cow, that thing looks like a space ship! Amost makes me want to have another baby...NOT!

Sunday started with relaxing on the porch with my cofee and newspaper listening to the birds....ahhhhh...how nice. Note to self: must buy birdfeeder and seed so my new feathery friends stick around! After church Kyle and I vegged out on the couch and watch movies, made popcorn and cupcakes and ate ice cream... I think I gained 5 pounds this morning!!! :O(

~Until Next Time~

My Bucket List

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am sure some of you have seen the movie "Bucket List" for those of you that have not it is about a man who only has a short time to live. He makes a list of things he wants to do before he...."kicks the bucket". Not a very nice thought I know but it does however give you something to ponder. So with this movie in mind I have made my own "Bucket List". Some of which will never happen due to money, the economy and my fear of flying over the ocean....but anyway, here it goes.

1. Meet Reba
2. See the Grand Canyon
3. Fly in a hot air balloon
4. Eat at Paula Deans restaurant "Lady & Sons"
5. Be in time sqaure on New Years Eve
6. go to a white sandy beach with clear water.
7. See a pyramid in Egypt
8. drive a car on the autobon in Germany...not sure how to spell that!In the slow lane of course :)
9. drive all the way from East coast to the West coast...that would be soooo fun!
hint-hint BFF :O)
10. see outer space

Friday thought for the day.......

Did you ever stop to wonder if your dollar bill has ever been in a strippers butt crack.....if not, you are now!

That's why I don't keep money :O)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From the mouth of babes

I feel so compelled to share this story with all of my readers. Last night Chris brought home two T-shirts, one for him and one for our 12 year old son Kyle. The shirts were made in memory of a fallen volunteer firefighter who was on the fire dept. with Chris, Adam Howard who was killed back in September. Since Kyle was a tiny toddler he has been fascinated with being a fireman(sorry Daddy & Papa I don't think we have another "Future Trooper")anyway, the shirt had a picture of Adam's helmet and his car# on the left side along with an imprint that said John 15:13. Kyle was very excited to say the least. Then Chris asked him if he new what the verse John 15:13 said. Without missing a beat Kyle began to resite the verse word for word......"Greater love hath no man than this, to lay down his life for his friend." I was in awe....out of the mouth of my son came the sweetest words I have ever heard. Chris and I were both so touched and proud....and for that one second everything in the house stopped.

There are moments in life when you think you are raising a wild animal,then come moments like this..... when you realize you are making a difference.

I thank God everyday that he has blessed me with a wonderful son who will not depart from him~

~Until Next Time~

Morning Conversation

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A normal weekday morning at the Owens house consits of Kyle sitting on the edge of the tub reading his current edition of ATV World magazine***I am really rethinking this birthday present, which was a yearly subscription to the mag and MY idea....which by the way I thought was a WONDERFUL idea at the time...since that time Chris has asked "Who's bright idea it was to get a 12 yr old a subscription to a 4 wheeler mag???" HE NEVER PUTS IT DOWN!!!!! AND I MEAN NEVER!!!!!

Every morning it the same thing......as I am putting on my make-up and doing my hair Kyle sits and looks at all the tires, rims, exhaust, helmets, gloves, gear and so on...stoping every 3 seconds to say "Mom look at this...and Mom these are the tires I need with these rims in black and a new HMF exhaust...which by the way only cost about $450 for a set of 4. And whole time I am wondering when my son learned to speak in a forgein language!!! It all Greek to me...

This particular morning as I was finishing up my hair he was of course in his normal pose( on edge of the tub mag in face, legs crossed) when I asked him to hand me my small hand held mirror so I can check the back of my hair. I get the following voice response from somwhere behind the pages of the lastest, greatest, coolest, newest, fastest, most redneck 4 wheeler.....

Kyle says, "Why do need the mirror,? I thought you had eyes in the back of your head"


Don't you just love his dry sense of humor????

~Until Next Time~

Bubba the Farmer

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For the past two summers Kyle has been growing a garden. I must say he is a "hard little worker" when he is out there. He takes so much time making his rows neat,planting seeds, watering, weeding, killing ants, and keeping Chevy out of it.

Below are a few pictures of what has ome up so far...okra, cucumber and corn. He also plants sunflowers, pumkins, squash and watermellons. Two years ago he grew giant pumkins...and let me tell you they sure lived up to there names...GIANT!

I myself have come to enjoy the garden and watching the plants grow. But I have to say that the pumkins are my favorite thing.....Kyle on the other hand just loves the dirt!

I will keep you updated as our tiny seeds continue to grow and we reep or harvest. If the economy gets any worse we will need to plant more for next year and buy a cow :O)Maybe I should start surfing the web on how to churn butter.....

~Until Next Time~

Making furrows




Weekend Activities

Monday, May 11, 2009

We spent the weekend cleaning up around the house and celebrating Mother's Day with a steak cook out and some homemade strawberry ice cream....with strawberries handpicked by Kyle and a few games of horseshoes. Hope you enjoy the few shots I took the time to get.

~Happy Mother's Day~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

As I sit back and ponder on Mother's Day, my mind drifts to the start of my own....I was only 20(I know I was young....)Anyway, you never really stop to think that you have a little person growing inside of you, not to mention what they will do to try and get out!!!! It seemed to be everyone's favorite past time to sit around and watch Kyle kick so hard it would make my boobs bounce up and down....NO KIDDING!

As Mother's we go through so many tears, hugs, laughes, cuddles, fevers and kisses. Not to mention all the moments we stop and hold our breath. As they take their first step, say Mama for the first time, ride their first bike, walk up the hill on their first day of school, hit their first home run, get stiches for the first time, learn how to swim, and spend their first night away from home....and those are just my "non breath" moments. I am sure others of you have a list of your own as I know I have several more to come before Kyle is grown and out on his own. Although, from what I have been told it doesn't end there.

So I want to take a minute to thank God for making me a Mother and blessing me with the most amazing "little wad of choas". Kyle has taught me so many things in only 12 years. How to love unconditional, laugh uncontrollably, and how to believe without seeing. Thank you Bubba for all the many gifts you give me everyday!

To all the old mother's, young mother's, adoptive mother's and mother's-to-be who will read my blog I wish you all the most wonderful Mother's Day! To my mother-in-law, I want to thank you for raising a wonderful hardworking, christian son with family values who I am so proud to call my husband. You have a heart of gold!!!

To my own WONDERFUL Mom, thank you for all your love, kindness, support, strength and faith in me that you have always shown.....I will love you to the end~

~Until Next Time~

100 Things About ME!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1. I love the Lord.
2. I have the BEST husband in the world!
3. I have one son who makes me laugh everyday!
4. I have one brother
5. I was born in Kentucky.
6. I met my husband at a stop light in Myrtle Beach while both of us were on vacation....true story I promise!!
7. I love ice cream!!!!!
8. I love ice cream!!!!
9. I love ice cream...okay I'll stop now. I just wanted to get my point across.
10. I love flip flops!
11. I am a morning peron
12. I love the beach
13. I hate seafood...if it lives in water I don't eat it! PERIOD!
14. I am way too much like my Granny
15. I am neat freak
16. I love cruise control...other people should really try to use it HINT HINT!
17. I would love to meet Reba
18. I am a Troopers Wife
19. I once drank wort medicine when I was in 4th grade and almost died.
20. I gained 70lbs while I was pregnant!!! Not funny, but true!
21. I was in labor for 28 hours(main reason we quit with 1 child)
22. I like to read
23. I have had the same best friend since 7th grade
24. My new craze is coffee...I blame this on Heather my BFF!
25. I love to laugh
26. I am a Sunday school teacher...I know scary right!
27. I am the youngest child
28. I am the only granddaughter on my Mom's side of the family
29. I have been married for almost 14 years...YIPEE!
30. I adore my boys.
31. I don't know how to drive a stick shift....Chris can verify that if needed.
32. I love candles
33. I wrecked my car on the way to get ice cream...who would have ever thought!?!
34. I have two dogs.
35. I use to want to be a jockey when I was little...in age and size :O)
36. I love to play cards
37. I like watching my son play sports.
38. My favorite movie is Coal Miner's Daughter.
39. I am crafty
40. I need color in every room!
41. I lived in 3 states in the first year I was married.
42. I was married when I was 19.
43. I never skipped school.
44. I have bungee jumped...would not recommend!
45. I have let me car run out of gas!
46. I love to cook.
47. I love chocolate.
48. I have toilet papered a house.
49. I have the best parents in the world!
50. My in-laws are wonderful.
51. My son is one red neck country little boy!
52. I have a MAJOR purse fetish!
53. I have been on a bus shopping trip to New York City....and loved it!
54. I will never have a mini van...EVER!
55. I love my family!
56. I have 2 step sisters & 1 step brother
57. I am an Aunt.
58. I have a nickname...and no I won't tell what it is.
59. I could never be a stay at home Mom...God bless those of you that are!
60. I would love to have my own talk show.
61. I love to ride horses.
62. I love to go crabbin(for you un-country folk that is chicken on a string and trying to catch crabs).
63. I love the smell of Kyle when he is clean....which is not very often.
64. I am a good Mom.
65. I will agrue with a wall...I hate that trait but it too true!
66. I love PINK!
67. I love to-do list.
68. I organize EVERTHING!
69. I have a 12 foot Christmas tree.
70. I will never build a house AGAIN.....EVER!
71. I am scared of dying.
72. I still clean my son's room.
73. I love to sing.
74. I have very bad allergies.
75. I was born in 1975
76. I want to be on "Who wants to be a millionare"
77. I hate spiders
78. My husband is the most physically fit man I know!!!
79. I believe in love at first sight.
80. I believe in angels.
81. I think shopping should be a sport.
82. I LOVE Black Friday!!!
83. I hate working out.
84. I have gray hair...THAT STINKS!
85. I want to own a Hallmark store.
86. I am not a shy person.
87. I once broke my brothers toe on purpose.
88. I want to ride in a hot air balloon.
89. My new hobby is blogging...I am addicted!!!
90. My Dad was killed in a car wreack when I was 16.
91. I got held back in 2nd grade.
92. I have perfect vision.
93. I wore braces on my legs when I was born.
94. I want a pool in my back yard.
95. I have been raised in church.
96. I have never seen all of Wizard of Oz
97. I have no tatoos
98. I am scared to fly over the ocean.
99. I love my life!
100. My husband is my right hand...when I get too worked up he puts it over my mouth!!!

Well, I hope all of you enjoy learning a few things...100 actually about me. Let me know what you think.

~Until Next Time~

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday to all of you....the weekend will not get here soon enough!!!!

Just a few quick comments......

First off, prayers go up for Kevein Lanning. Get well soon!

2nd thing, Happy late birthday to my Granny B!!!!!! It was yesterday and I forgot to post it.

3rd thing...I have the best son in the world! With the bad storms and tornados we had yesterday...he took the task upon himself (since he was home alone afterschool)to bring in all the things on our front porch "so they won't blow away". He neatly spread out a blanket...in our diningroom by the way, and placed all four wicker chairs, two ferns and two HUGE white pillars! THANKS BUBBA!

okay, have any of you ever seen a 4D ultrasound? Well my friend Ashley is pregnant and had one yesterday.....let me just say....AMAZING!!!! I wish they would have had that when I was pregnant with Kyle. It looked like you could just reach in and pick her up.....WOW!!!

Typical Kyle picture...it really means"I love you Mom!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kyle's Yummy Dreams

I say, "Come on Kyle it's time to wake up."

Kyle says still half asleep, "ugh, I was just getting ready to go in and eat!"
I say, "do what???"

Kyle says, "You always come and wake me up when I am getting ready to go eat. I was just on my way into El Norteno." (our Mexican rest. here in Kinston)

You have to be kidding me!!! All that boy thinks about is food...even when he is sleeping!!!!!

And to add to that, when I went in to wake him up for school one day last week I got this response from him.

"Man, why did you have to wake me up I just on my way to Bojangles?"

I say, "well how did you get there?"

Kyle said, "on the 4 wheeler"

I say, "it a good thing I woke up then cause you would have been grounded!"

I really think I am going to have to apply for food stamps soon!!!!!

Chevy looking for flying bugs!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kyle's Catfish!

Kyle's mind & Other weekend crazies.

Did anyone every stop a wonder how a childs mind works? I know a child developes certain brain functions at certain milestones. But how does all that determine how or "why?" a child thinks along the lines they do? Is it an inherited gene or God given????? Some children may have a vivid imagination, photographic memory or may be mathmaticly gifted....our son on the other hand has always been one to over analyze things. For instance when he was 5yrs old he saw an open saftey pen lying on a step and asked me what is was called. When I told him it was called a saftey pen he responded with, "well that's not very safe!" Kyle's crazy antics have not stopped since. Just this weekend we sat outside on the porch and we watched as a spider became wedged in a large crack, Kyle then makes the comment..."he must not have 4 wheel drive!"...I mean honestly folks what 12yr old comes up with stuff like that????
No matter what kind of day I may have had or how bad I feel, Bubba can always make me laugh!

Oh, Only 26 more days of school left!!!!!!! Yes, I am one of the few parents who can not wait for their child to be out of school. I think I am just as excited as Kyle! No more homework, projects, packing lunches(school lunches YUCKY), no AR(accelerated reader...More YUCKY) and early bedtime...not to mention the dragging by the toes every morning to get him out of bed! The count down continues.

~Until next time~