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Friday, January 15, 2010

Earlier this week I did a post for all my stalkers/blog buddies to ask me questions....anything they want...no holds bared(well maybe)...and so without further ado here are the questions I received and my oh so honest & well thought out answers.

1. if I were an animal what kind would I be?

well, I wouldn't want to be anything in water, cause I hate seafood & I would be affraid I would drowned and if I were a bird I would be scared of heights...sooooo...lets see....I guess I would be a horse. Growing up in Kentucky horses are treated like royalty(they don't just have your average run of the mill barns in KY) these horses live in heated & air conditioned barns the size of a 50 room mansion. They have someone come and give them pedicures, manicures, bath them and do their hair...and then when they win a race... they get flowers....now let me ask ya.....what girl wouldn't love to be a race horse in Kentucky????

2. How long was I married before I got pregnant with Kyle?

not long I tell ya, not long! Chris & I were married August 12th and I got pregnant sometime around Halloween....so that's what???? Not even 3 months..good lordy!

3. Did we decide to have kids or did it just happen?

HAHAHA...see question #2! No, seriously, we didn't plan on getting prego that soon, but we didn't do anything to prevent it either. But now that I look back I wouldn't change having him while I was so young(I was 20 when I had him). Now that he is a teenager, I feel that Chris & I are still active, semi-cool & hip. His friends like us for the most part and we have the energy to do all the outdoor stuff he enjoys(except I've been told that I throw a ball like a girl...hmmmfff)..and the best part is when he turns 18 and moves out of the house I will just be turning 40!!! Now how cool is that!

4. How long have you been married?

This year on August 12 we will celebrate "IN STYLE" our 15th wedding anniversary!!!!!
::no applause please:: :O)

5. Was it love at first sight & did you know he was "the one"?

That is any easy question....100% YES! I knew the minute I saw him that he was the one God made just for ME!

6. How did Chris & I meet?

oh, this is a good one(get comfy & grab some cofeee, this could take a while) or you can go back to my older blog post & read about it is dated August 12, 2009and titled Happy Anniversary...but anyhow, I had just graduated from HS and headed off with a girlfriend of mine and drove almost 10 hrs to Myrtle Beach. We were so excited and had been planning this trip for months! I even joked on the way down and said "what if I go down here and meet my future husband?"...see, I've told ya before, God does have a sense of humor! That night we headed out to "cruise the strip"..cause that what COOL teenagers do...and of course we had the music in my "oh so cool Toyota MR2" blaring LOUD! We pulled up to a stop light and ya know you have to wave at all the guys that pull up next to ya and yell and act like 2 years olds...anyway...we stopped and a red truck pulled up next 2 us and low & behold the angles in heaven began to sing and play their harps....::::::ahhhhhhh::::: we talked til the light turned green and then Chris & his buddy motioned for us to pull over into the next parking lot(and of course, being the super smart teenager I was...I DID!) We talked and walked up and down the beach all night long and well into the wee hours of the morning. The next day me & my girlfriend were laying out on the beach when something all the sudden something blocked out my sun rays...what in the world???....I squinted & opened my eyes to see Chris standing above me....MAN he's good! He found me AGAIN...amoung all the people laying out in MB he found ME! We spent that day together laying out and playing at the beach. The next day he had to leave but promised he would be back the next weekend with his brother(Chris was in the army at that time and stationed only 3 hrs away from MB) I watched him drive away a little heart broken and with the thought that he wouldn't hold true to his promise and come back on Friday. My vacation week continued with daily sunning on the beach and nightly parting and crusing the strip. When Friday rolled around and we were "again crusing the strip" I kept passing a guy who kept waving at me...IT WAS HIM! To shorten the story up, we spent that weekend together and then he left for Georgia and I headed home to KY, he promised he would call write & keep in touch...he kept his promise & we have been together ever since!!!

7. Do I play an instrument?

you can't be serious!!!!I can't even drive a stick shift and you want me to play and instrument....HAHAHAHA!!! I wish I did, but I have horrible hand/eye coordination.

8. Do I have any tatoo's?

NO, I went with several friends during HS to watch them get theirs but I guess I never found anything I wanted to be stuck with the rest of my life.

9. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me?

ummmm...I guess i would say they fact that I walk like a duck(I was born with my hips out of socket and had to wear leg braces until I was 1 year old) I got made fun of ALOT during school. The kids would laugh and make fun of the way I walked and ran in P.E. And that has stuck with me forever. I FORBID Kyle to make fun of any child that is mentally or phyisically handicap...(Kyle has even come home from school before and started crying while telling us how kids were making fun of a mentally handicap child at his school...he has such a tender heart!) They do the best they can with what God gave them and that is all that matters!

10. Why did I start blooging?

I starting blogging in April 2009 when a friend of mine (Ashley) started one and begged me to give it a try. So I did, and now I am a self proclaimed Blog Addict and she has jumped ship and left me high & dry (you trader!!!...I know you still read my blog you turd!)...j/k she is a sweet heart and I actually owe many thanks to her. Without her, I would have never found all of you wonderful girlies!!!

11. Would I do anything diffferent in raising Kyle so far from birth til now?

That's a tuff one. I admit I have made TONS of mistakes along the way...(and I have more too come), but I wouldn't trade any of them.

12. Did I work or stay home with Kyle when he was young & would I do it different now?

I stayed home with Kyle until he was about 9 months old. After that, I had all I could take and headed back to work. I was not cut out to be a SAHM. I envy those who are but it was not for me. I am WAY too much of a people person and need adult conversation....but that was before blogs were invented..so who knows...maybe now I could handle it!!!

13. What is your perfect Friday night?

I would have to say, the perfect night would be having both my boys home. Chris cooking steaks on the grill and then hang out on the back porch listening to music with a good pina-coloada and watch the sun go down...ahhhhhhh :O)

Thanks ladies for all your questions...hope you now know & little bit more(and maybe too much)about me...and if I scared ya & you no longer want to follow my blog I totally understand :OP


Cathy said...

Great questions and answers. So fun to hear and learn more about you. I loved your answer about being a KY horse. Sounds like they really do have the great life! Well, I feel like I know you a little better now Trish. And I like what I know!

Tamela said...

I just love hearing how you and your hubby met! That is so sweet and romantic. Even though I read it in your anniversary post, I enjoyed reading it again!

Great answers and I feel like I have known you forever now! lol

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great! I love these types of things. I've toyed with doing one, but never had the guts!

Kris said...

great answers! this was fun!

Kristi said...

Great answers! I believe in the whole love at first sight 100%. Love reading your answers! I don't know how I do the stay at home thing sometimes. I sometimes think of going to work just to get adult conversation. I think thats why the blogs suck me in so much. I feel like I can talk to people that say more than 20 words!! Have a great weekend!!

Blessed Beyond said...

It was so fun reading all the questions and answers!

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