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DUDE...where's my shoe??????

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have no real news or ground breaking things to report.

Chris is still away and won't be home until Thursday night.

Kyle is well, "Kyle", aka crazy wild teen running me ragged that acts like a 3 year old at times.

An well me...I am slowing getting back to the land of the living...except I still can't breath through my left nostril!


Kyle & I spent a great deal of the weekend collecting and scavaging around trying to find missing shoes and other things our neighbors dog had run off with...and by "run off " with, I mean marched his unwelcomed nosey hairy slobbery self in our garage and did a full Super Market Sweep of our stuff and ran off!!!!!

{{cue loading of BB gun}}

We are armed and waiting :O)

Now, before all your readers freak out I am just kidding. I would never shoot any animal....pinkie promise!

But this dog is really pushing my buttons. When I told Chris about everything he told me to stay close to the house all weekend to make sure the dog didn't drag the house off....so far so good...no house will be drug off into the sunset on my watch!


Tamela said...

ugh that would drive me crazy. If people are going to own pets they need to be responsible of them.

MissJody said...

Hi sweet friend! I finally!!!!!!!!! got your package in the mail today! I hope u like it :)
I'm in AR...so how ever long it takes the mail..???

Your a doll and such a sweet person just thought you should know that :)

Have a great Day!

pocket full of pink said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! What a sweet looking family you have! That is too funny that your neighbor's dog keeps running off with things - that must be frustrating! So glad to hear the house hasn't gone missing too. :o) Have a Happy Monday!

MissJody said...

Your so funny!

I love the way you explain in detail things....it's.awesome!

Tamela said...

oooo please do!! I can't wait to see a picture of Echo street!

Cathy said...

That is too funny!

Bridget said...

Hope you get to feeling back to 100%! Glad the house hasn't been hauled off by that pesky pet! :D

Meagan said...

Dang that neighbor's dog!!!!

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