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A peek into my closet

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have decided to show you guys a quick peek into my closet...I know...... SCARY!!!!!
My walkin closet is a very weird shape at best...I guess I would say it is kinda the shape of a trapizoid...you remember that shape don't ya?(small line on the top, longer line on the bottom and two slanted lines on the side???) yep, all the geography stuff is flooding back in your brain...

Anyhow, I took these pictures from standing the the middle of my closet and turning around in a circle(got very dizzy!)

I know it needs a TON of work...but I have reorganized my purses by color...(that was a VERY boring day)

See how neat my sweater are all folded up...NICE!

Even left some un-used hangers sticking out for ya too!
This is my pile of "just worn" stuff that needs to be rehung(when ever I get around to it) this pile can sometime mound up to resemible the Leaning tower of Piza
...ah my lovely shooes...all 65 pair of them!!!!!(take note of the pink New Balance that the hubs bought me for Christmas) Great JOB babe!!!
And last but not least more shoes and my pile of laundry...hey at least it's in the basket!!!!!!!

I will post another room of my house for you to see next week...right now I have run off to clean it first!


Tamela said...

Dang girl! I'm surprised everything fits in there! I love the New Balances!

Resh Rene` said...

Ugggh you make me sick...j/k I say this because no matter how hard I try to organize and keep my closet neat it always looks like one of those houses off or Hoarders...yes it's that bad. The Hubs is convinced that if I would clean it I could A.) Cloth a 3rd world country B.) Find out where all his hard earned money has gone and C.) Stop screaming about needing a new wardrobe.
So off to feel even worse about my closet :P

Garrett and Meagan said...

OK Your closet is sooooo organized. MINE IS AWFUL!!!

Jenna said...

Wow you have a bunch of clothes!! My closet isn't a walk in closet so I had to take up the extra bed room closet also...it's for my summer clothes. You've got some cute shoes!

Cathy said...


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Much more organized than mine! I am a bit...messier...

Becky said...

65 pairs of shoes!!!

{{I'm jealous}}


MissJody said...

I love your closet!

Okay. I thought I had alot of clothes-you take the cake!

I find myself wesring the same-ol' same'ol. do you do this?

I have all these clothes!! and I wear...sweats.

Bridget said...

Loving your closet, and I am so jealous! My husband thinks I have too many clothes, I will now show him these pictures to shut him up... :D I'm probably right up there with you on the shoes, though--I love me some shoes!!

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