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Thursday, January 28, 2010

First off I would like to say that I hate snow....let me say that again......I HATE SNOW!!!!! They have forcast most of NC to get snow, sleet, ice & rain starting late tomorrow...hmmmfffff! What a wonderful way to spend my weekend. They say that parts of NC could get up to 10 inches(which for NC could halt life as we know it for days!) Thank goodness I am closer to the coast and should get some rain and then changing over to sleet...for Kyle...that is bad, he has the 4 wheeler all gased up and ready to go! "there nothing better than riding a 4 wheeeler in the snow, well except for maybe mud".....I guess I will just have take his word on that.

So please Lord, keep the snow West of I-95...pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz???????

Cause when I walk in the store tonight all the shelves will be empty, there will be no bread, milk, eggs or beer...which leads me to ask...why is that? Does any one know?

The next big news I have is Kyle and his girlfriend have called it quits. He said it was a mutual agreement and he is fine.....I myself think he has other prospects he is looking at (since he made me fix his hair EXTRA good this morning) they have an away basketball game after school and he has been talking & texting a girl that goes to the school.....I swear that boy makes my head spin sometimes!

Stay tuned for more pictures of my house...coming soon...my dining room & foyer....then our master bathroom.

Have a great day all!!!!!


Tamela said...

We are expecting to have that wintery mix tonight and tomorrow. I am hoping for a snow day! I really want a snow day!

I hope his extra good hair worked on impressing the new girl!

Jules said...

I live in Wisconsin and I hate snow too. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for so many family members and friends that I could never leave.

Kristi said...

AGREED! I hate snow too! I think the both of us complain for days when it snows! We are getting that stupid mess of a storm too. Some people are saying like 20 inches! I try and act like they are lying and its really not coming. Maybe if we all wish together it will be spring sooner than later.

I am also enjoying the updates with Kyle.

Resh Rene` said...

yeah I feel you, I am not gonna enjoy the snow so much! Especially cause that will mean the boys who are grounded from video games are gonna drive me nuts after the "fun" of the snow have worn off....blah.

The store will be outa everything cause it's the south and snow equals the apocalypse!

Cathy said...

I don't think we're supposed to get much more snow right now but it's supposed to get really cold here. It was 32 when we got up this morning and the last I heard it's about 21 now. Yuck, I hate that too, but we have beautiful blue skies today and I've really been missing that.

Talking about your boy made me laugh. Hubby used to be a youth pastor and that's the way the kids are at that age. Break up with one and already have another in the wings. Too funny!

Hope your weather doesn't get too bad! Take care and try to stay warm

MissJody said...

I was just talking to some of my co-workers about the bread, eggs, and milk thing? Weird huh?
kids will make your head spin! Remember at that age though?!
Ha! ha! Be careful out there!!

Bridget said...

I hate snow, too!!! Mostly because my husband does so much driving. If we could hole up and play, it would be a different story...

We're supposed to get some of it, too, but I'd rather we didn't

Tara said...

Oh, well thanks for wishing all this mess on me (west of I-95)!! On the noon news today, they said 10" here in Raleigh. I am praying they've screwed this forecast up just like every other time before (you know when you want snow and get NOTHING). This time, I don't want snow!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

oh dear, I despise snow as well. Blech. blech.

WhisperingWriter said...

I also hate snow.

I don't mind it as much if I don't have to go anywhere....but if I have to drive in it, I hate it.

Jenna said...

Tell Kyle to be careful with that 4-wheeler in the snow. One year when I was in Jr.High it snowed at our house and we were pulling friends on an lake intertube behind the 4-wheeler and I flipped the 4-wheeler when it hit a patch of slick snow as I was turning. It threw me and another girl off the back and bent the handlebars down...luckily we flipped it back over and bent the handlebars back to normal before the parents saw us!

Your son is a Ladies Man!!ha

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