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Lookie at what I won ya'll

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ain't she just cute!!! I just love it.....

what was that you ask????

what is it????

well it's a cute little key chain ball-er-thingy...


I won a giveaway hosted by Lee over @ chezwest.blogspot.com. I was soooo excited cause I couldn't even win free air to breath with all my bad luck!!!!

You can go to shopportunityonline.com and take a look at all the awesome cute girlie things they have to offer.

Thanks again to Lee for a wonderful gift!!!

Yay for me!!!!!


Cathy said...

That's really cute Trish!

Tamela said...

that is cute!

MissJody said...

happy for you !!
I have never won a giveaway also!

Bridget said...

That's so cute!

The West Family said...

So glad you like it Trish! And ladies - if you want one of your own, just head over to shopportunityonline.com and pick one up! Lots of cute things over there!

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