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My Kitchen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to my kitchen. ....please over look my pot of chicken pastry on the stove...sorry bout that!

It is not huge but it suits me just fine. I love its odd shape(kinda like my weird shaped closet)...anyway, I fell in love with the shape of my livingroom & kitchen the minute I saw the houseplans. Let me give you a tad bit of history on our house.

Chris and I (well mostly me) got this wonderful idea to build a house and let my stepdad(who lives in KY, but help built houses) come and help us. Pretty simple plan huh???? It was for the most part. We decided to be "owner & builder" all at the same time....it was then that I began to wonder if my head was big enough for both those hats!!!!

When I say we built this house....I MEAN WE BUILT THIS HOUSE!!!! Chris, my Stepdad, FIL & BIL did all the framing...yep...ALL the framing!!!!! It took us just about 9 months from breaking ground to moving in.

I will never regret doing it. Chris & I learned so much during those 9 months...like how not to kill eachother! I layed & glued OSB boards for the sub floor, hammered floor joist, made brick rack, used a saw to cut out windows, layed hardwood, painted every wall, closet, ceiling & door(with help from my MIL), stained the staircase..all by my self and we layed the hardwood floors. Not to mention we had to do ALL the clean-up too....and let me tell you, it is a loosing battle trying to vacuum up saw dust and sheet rock dust!!!

But WE LOVE this beautiful house!!!! We will live, retire, die and even be buried in the back yard...or so Chris says anyway :O)

This picture is the breakfast area and shows a little bit of our sunroom off to the left and the staircase leading up to Kyle's bonusroom(more on that messy God forsaking place later)
So what do ya think????


Resh Rene` said...

I think you guys did a fabulous job!! Will you ever do it again....like say a year or so from now when we're ready to build? LMAO And might I say...I LOVE YOUR TASTE!!

Blessed Beyond said...

WOW! What a special home! I love your kitchen! it is really beautiful and I love the odd shape too!!!

Jenna said...

Wow you have a beautiful house! I don't think I could make it having to build my own house with Sean...we would kill each other! Oh and I L.O.V.E Your dining table and chairs!!!!

Kris said...

I love your kitchen. Mine is the size of a closet. No joke!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love it! I love the dark colors of the cabinets with the white trim! We are doing white trim in our house too!

Cathy said...

I think it's beautiful! I'd love to see more.

WhisperingWriter said...

I love it.

It's so CLEAN.

kristen said...

your kitchen is beautiful!! y'all did a great job!

Bridget said...

You have such a GREAT kitchen! Love it!

Garrett and Meagan said...

That is so awesome. We bought ours but we did some major renos. When we ripped out all of the carpet, i was going crazy getting all of the dust and stuff vacuumed up. haha!

Kristi said...

Thats really cool you all built it yourselves. I dont have the patience to build a house much less with my husband. I love the dark cabinets! It its really nice, cant wait to see the rest of the house!!!

Tamela said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't believe you built it yourselves! I would be way to impatient!

MissJody said...

Wow sweetie.
What a wonderful classy home :)

I wanna see more!! :)

Good job "Bob(bie)the Builder!"

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