~Being the Mother of a boy, last from son up...to son down~

Shhhhhhhhhh...teenager sleeping

Friday, January 29, 2010

With his stuffed monkey....tehehehe!

This is the way I found Kyle when I went to wake him up this morning.....

Man I love this boy....and he loves his stuffed monkey!

Random thoughts....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First off I would like to say that I hate snow....let me say that again......I HATE SNOW!!!!! They have forcast most of NC to get snow, sleet, ice & rain starting late tomorrow...hmmmfffff! What a wonderful way to spend my weekend. They say that parts of NC could get up to 10 inches(which for NC could halt life as we know it for days!) Thank goodness I am closer to the coast and should get some rain and then changing over to sleet...for Kyle...that is bad, he has the 4 wheeler all gased up and ready to go! "there nothing better than riding a 4 wheeeler in the snow, well except for maybe mud".....I guess I will just have take his word on that.

So please Lord, keep the snow West of I-95...pleeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz???????

Cause when I walk in the store tonight all the shelves will be empty, there will be no bread, milk, eggs or beer...which leads me to ask...why is that? Does any one know?

The next big news I have is Kyle and his girlfriend have called it quits. He said it was a mutual agreement and he is fine.....I myself think he has other prospects he is looking at (since he made me fix his hair EXTRA good this morning) they have an away basketball game after school and he has been talking & texting a girl that goes to the school.....I swear that boy makes my head spin sometimes!

Stay tuned for more pictures of my house...coming soon...my dining room & foyer....then our master bathroom.

Have a great day all!!!!!

In a hurry to go no where....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let me tell you about my morning drive to work. My morning drive takes me about 35 minutes and half of that time is spent on a backwood 2 lane roads(complete with curves, deer, tractors and school buses just to slow things down even more...)

This morning I was be-boppin on down the road, sipping my coffee and singing "Smile" right along with Uncle Kracker...ahhhhh...it was gonna be a good morning...until all the sudden....out of no where I have a huge @$* truck about to eat "my ole Kentucky home" (thats my license plate incase you were wondering) so anyhow, I am going 5 miles over the speed limit and on a back road...I was NOT going to speed up! Since it is a huge truck I assumed it was a very impatient man behind the wheel...boy was i wrong! Finally when I guess they had enough of my "by the law" driving skills they decided to pass me.......when to my surprise it was a WOMEN...complete with rollers in her hair!!!!!!

I don't know where she was in such a hurry to get to but I sure hope she had time to mutitask on the way and get those rollers out...and then how in the world is gonna check the back of her head to make sure it looks okay in a truck...hmmmmm.....oh well!

So she flies past me(in a no passing zone I might add) and speeds on up the road. Well she must not travel that road often cause if she did she would have know that you can set your watch by the school bus that will be picking up kids right up ahead on the right side of the road. So when she see's the buses flashing lights she slams on the brakes and waits behind the bus with the rest of us (cause you know out here in the country they don't have all the kids gater to get on at one stop....nope.....they pick up each kid up infront of their own house....even if there are 10 of them that all live right next to eachother)......

So there she sits, fuming that she is now running even more behind(if she was thinking, she would have had plenty of time to take her rollers out at this point).....so when I finally pull up to a stop behind her as a kid is getting on the bus, she looks back in her mirror at me.....and well....I just wave...tehehehe.....ya sure got WAY ahead of me sugar britches!!!!

May God bless her with a bad hair day :O)

My Kitchen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to my kitchen. ....please over look my pot of chicken pastry on the stove...sorry bout that!

It is not huge but it suits me just fine. I love its odd shape(kinda like my weird shaped closet)...anyway, I fell in love with the shape of my livingroom & kitchen the minute I saw the houseplans. Let me give you a tad bit of history on our house.

Chris and I (well mostly me) got this wonderful idea to build a house and let my stepdad(who lives in KY, but help built houses) come and help us. Pretty simple plan huh???? It was for the most part. We decided to be "owner & builder" all at the same time....it was then that I began to wonder if my head was big enough for both those hats!!!!

When I say we built this house....I MEAN WE BUILT THIS HOUSE!!!! Chris, my Stepdad, FIL & BIL did all the framing...yep...ALL the framing!!!!! It took us just about 9 months from breaking ground to moving in.

I will never regret doing it. Chris & I learned so much during those 9 months...like how not to kill eachother! I layed & glued OSB boards for the sub floor, hammered floor joist, made brick rack, used a saw to cut out windows, layed hardwood, painted every wall, closet, ceiling & door(with help from my MIL), stained the staircase..all by my self and we layed the hardwood floors. Not to mention we had to do ALL the clean-up too....and let me tell you, it is a loosing battle trying to vacuum up saw dust and sheet rock dust!!!

But WE LOVE this beautiful house!!!! We will live, retire, die and even be buried in the back yard...or so Chris says anyway :O)

This picture is the breakfast area and shows a little bit of our sunroom off to the left and the staircase leading up to Kyle's bonusroom(more on that messy God forsaking place later)
So what do ya think????

this is strange????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is ther someting wrong with this picture...or is it just ME????

.......ahhhhhh....this is much better!!!!!!

CrAZy Kids!!!!!!!!

A peek into my closet

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have decided to show you guys a quick peek into my closet...I know...... SCARY!!!!!
My walkin closet is a very weird shape at best...I guess I would say it is kinda the shape of a trapizoid...you remember that shape don't ya?(small line on the top, longer line on the bottom and two slanted lines on the side???) yep, all the geography stuff is flooding back in your brain...

Anyhow, I took these pictures from standing the the middle of my closet and turning around in a circle(got very dizzy!)

I know it needs a TON of work...but I have reorganized my purses by color...(that was a VERY boring day)

See how neat my sweater are all folded up...NICE!

Even left some un-used hangers sticking out for ya too!
This is my pile of "just worn" stuff that needs to be rehung(when ever I get around to it) this pile can sometime mound up to resemible the Leaning tower of Piza
...ah my lovely shooes...all 65 pair of them!!!!!(take note of the pink New Balance that the hubs bought me for Christmas) Great JOB babe!!!
And last but not least more shoes and my pile of laundry...hey at least it's in the basket!!!!!!!

I will post another room of my house for you to see next week...right now I have run off to clean it first!

NO I didn't!!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I did what you ask???

I won this FAB giveaway!!!!

What did I win you ask???

Oh...just a $50 gift certificate to this website below to have a custom piece of jewelry designed "JUST FOR ME"!!!! And if you know me...I am all about anything monogrammed and if I can add my boys names to it....that's even better!


When I found out I won this moring(while sitting at my desk at work) I screamed
I WON so loud that everyone thought I was nuts(and then again the NC lottery was last night too...sadly, I had not bought a ticket for that)....Dang!

So what am I gonna pick????{{trish tapes chin and ponders}}

Once I have designed my treasure and receive it by mail(said it takes 2-4 weeks to make) I will be sure to show all you ladies so you can drool and be oh so jealous...hehehe!

.....I am at a loss for words!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of my best blog buddies, Miss Fancy Pants always does a "People of Walmart" post ever so often. So today I thought I would partake in all her fun and do one of my own (Thanks Jody!)

NO THANKS!!! I'd rather drowned....

"hey babe, go ahead and back up just a tad more...little more...just a hair more....thats Perfect...right there!...if they were any close inside loading up the anti-theft bell would have went off!!!!

I sure didn't know they sold Moon Shine in Walmart....hmmmfff...must have missed that isle!

And you guys were wondering where Barney disappeared all the sudden....see...he's just fine....a little stinky & smooshed...but fine!

Looks like 2 pigs fighten under a blanket to me!

I sure hope that is 2 hams she is shop lifting under her shirt!

So please take few words of advice...next time you have to run out for 1 quick thing at Wal-Mart.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look in the mirror first!

Dating 101

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chris & I took Kyle and his little girlfriend(I say little cause she is like a size zero....gag!!!!)to ice skate on Saturday and let me tell you my son is in noway shape or form ready to set out into the "dating world".

First off, is it technically considered a date if your parents drive you?

Is it considered a date if your mom uses a coupon for your girlfriend to skate for free?....you guys know I WOULD NEVER DO THAT....uh, yep I did!

Is it a date if your parents give you the money to buy lunch while there and win her a prize out of "the claw machine"?

Is is a date if your mom cooks the dinner?

Is is really a date if your parents play a game with the two of you after dinner?

Is it a date if you go off and leave your girlfriend(who has never been ice skating before) and take off at Mock 10 and speed off...yes, my wonderful son did this and I had to yell at him to come back to get her!!!! His daddy needs to give him a looooong lesson!

....ummmm...lets see...I would have to answer a BIG fat NO to all the questions above!

And then when we were home and getting ready to say the blessing over the dinner I had made(not Kyle)and we all went to hold hands(cause the 3 of always hold hands with each other when we pray at meals)and Kyle (who is sitting right next to Morgan by the way) totally bypasses her hand and reaches for mine!!!!

Yep, he sure did, poor kid!

...and thats when Chris & I lost all composure and cracked up laughing...it was priceless!!!

But poor Morgan, she hung in like a trooper. She survived the ride to & from skating with us, learned to skate with little help from Kyle, held my hand during the blessing(instead of Kyles) and lost to Chris & I during our games of Guesstures.

Folks, let me tell ya, if she can put up with Kyle as long as she has(even with his burps and farts)....she may be a keeper bless her heart!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I didn't win a GOlden Globe last night but I did win 2 awards from some sweet blog buddies of mine....{{EEEEEKKKKK}}

This award was given to me from Cathy over @ tales of the TCKK family. Cathy is just the sweetest lady... I won her "Pay It Forwad" contest back in October and we have been blog bud's ever since.

1. To accept this award you must post it on your blog with the name and a link to the person who gave it to you.
2. Pass on the award to about 13 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great!
3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So my nomiee's are......{{{{{drum roll...please}}}}}}

Miss Fancy Pants

The Brouse House

Chez West

Da Eads

Jenna's Jargon

...I know this isn't 13 but these are my "new friends" and ones I wanted to share with all of you!

All of these girls I have come across since Thanksgiving and have the cutest family's & pets I have ever seen!

And this "FAB" award came from Kristi @ The Brouse House. She is a SAHM with the cutest lil' girl you have ever seen!


1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2) Copy the award & place it on your blog.

3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4) Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself

5) Nominate 7 bloggers.

6) Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.

So 7 interesting facts about me...hmmmmmmm...lets see????

1. I have bungee jumped(stupid I know)...I would never do it AGAIN!

2. I love roller coasters. I want to be in the very front so I can see that I am gonna die...hehehehe!

3. I drank wart remover when I was in 4th grade & almost died(thought it was my cough medicine)...don't ask..I blame this all on my mom since she left it out on the counter next to my cough syrup!

4. I was married at 19 and had Kyle when I was 20...don't judge me...I don't regret it one bit!

5. I was in a Beauty Pagent when I was in 9th grade...I know....YIKES!!! But I did win Most Photogenic!

6. I want to learn to use the sewing machine the hubs gave me several years ago for Christmas. I have made a fews things but want to learn more.

7. I got one of Kyle's Christmas presents for FREE this year!!!! yep, the camcorder I got on Black Friday (from a store I will not name) the lady at the check out didn't ring it up but still put in my bag(which I had a cart full of stuff). I swear I didn't notice this until the week before Christmas while I was going through all my receipts to tally how much I had spend on him....and then how in the world was I gonna take it back and say "excuse me, but you failed to charge me for this camcorder almost 4 weeks ago and I just noticed".....ummmmmm NO!

So there you have it...my awards for now. Hope you enjoyed!

My Son~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Bubba~

Please slow down, you are growing up way too fast. Each day I wake you in the morning it seems as though a year has past me by. You are so independent now and require very little from your Father & I(just money and an occasional ride somewhere). I know your are just 13(and a half), but at times, your actions surpass your years. Each day when I look in your eyes I am so proud of the man you are slowly becoming, while at the same time my heart is breaking into a million pieces. I have watched you grow and accomplish so many wonderful things in your mere 13 years. You have brought more joy to me than my heart could ever hold.

I have loved you since the moment I knew you were on your way and loved you even more the moment I saw your little face. I love you despite the 28 hours of labor you put me through. I love you even though your first word was not "momma" but instead you called for our dog, "Daq" (short for Daiquiri), I love you even though you look, walk & talk more like your Dad than me. And I will continue to love you no matter how many times you make the wrong choices in life, take the path that I think is wrong or date a girl that we don't like. As hard as it will be for me to watch, I will allow you to learn from your mistakes, to pick yourself up and trudge on. You are so strong and such a free spirit. You are always on "Kyles time" and not the worlds, and although it drives me nuts at times, I think it is one of your greatest character strengths. You have the best sense of humor and are hands down the funniest person I know. I can be so mad at you that I could spit fire and then all the sudden you make a silly face or say one of your "ever famous" Kyle-ism's and I crack up!

There will a time in your life when your "first love" will break your heart...be strong and hold close to your heart what you have learned about the crazy ways of a woman, you will use it one day for your wife. Always love and believe in yourself and know that God is just a prayer away. Always be "the better person" and turn the other cheek (no matter what your Daddy has told you) and always, always kill your enemy with kindness and not a BB gun! Be caring,show compassion to others, think before you act, and work hard for what you believe in.

I cannot see into the future to the path the Lord has layed out for you, but where ever he leads you in life, know that my heart will leave my body and go with you. Your are the greatest gift the Lord has, or ever will give me. Always know, that no matter how many times you may get grounded or punished or yelled at, that your are loved more than your Dad & I could ever put into words. I would willingly give my life to have yours continue on. Sometimes I look back and regret that I never had another child to give the experience of growing up and bonding with a brother or sister...but I think being an only child suits you....always remember this....

YOU my son, are "My Grand Finale"

All my love~

Answer time!!!

Earlier this week I did a post for all my stalkers/blog buddies to ask me questions....anything they want...no holds bared(well maybe)...and so without further ado here are the questions I received and my oh so honest & well thought out answers.

1. if I were an animal what kind would I be?

well, I wouldn't want to be anything in water, cause I hate seafood & I would be affraid I would drowned and if I were a bird I would be scared of heights...sooooo...lets see....I guess I would be a horse. Growing up in Kentucky horses are treated like royalty(they don't just have your average run of the mill barns in KY) these horses live in heated & air conditioned barns the size of a 50 room mansion. They have someone come and give them pedicures, manicures, bath them and do their hair...and then when they win a race... they get flowers....now let me ask ya.....what girl wouldn't love to be a race horse in Kentucky????

2. How long was I married before I got pregnant with Kyle?

not long I tell ya, not long! Chris & I were married August 12th and I got pregnant sometime around Halloween....so that's what???? Not even 3 months..good lordy!

3. Did we decide to have kids or did it just happen?

HAHAHA...see question #2! No, seriously, we didn't plan on getting prego that soon, but we didn't do anything to prevent it either. But now that I look back I wouldn't change having him while I was so young(I was 20 when I had him). Now that he is a teenager, I feel that Chris & I are still active, semi-cool & hip. His friends like us for the most part and we have the energy to do all the outdoor stuff he enjoys(except I've been told that I throw a ball like a girl...hmmmfff)..and the best part is when he turns 18 and moves out of the house I will just be turning 40!!! Now how cool is that!

4. How long have you been married?

This year on August 12 we will celebrate "IN STYLE" our 15th wedding anniversary!!!!!
::no applause please:: :O)

5. Was it love at first sight & did you know he was "the one"?

That is any easy question....100% YES! I knew the minute I saw him that he was the one God made just for ME!

6. How did Chris & I meet?

oh, this is a good one(get comfy & grab some cofeee, this could take a while) or you can go back to my older blog post & read about it is dated August 12, 2009and titled Happy Anniversary...but anyhow, I had just graduated from HS and headed off with a girlfriend of mine and drove almost 10 hrs to Myrtle Beach. We were so excited and had been planning this trip for months! I even joked on the way down and said "what if I go down here and meet my future husband?"...see, I've told ya before, God does have a sense of humor! That night we headed out to "cruise the strip"..cause that what COOL teenagers do...and of course we had the music in my "oh so cool Toyota MR2" blaring LOUD! We pulled up to a stop light and ya know you have to wave at all the guys that pull up next to ya and yell and act like 2 years olds...anyway...we stopped and a red truck pulled up next 2 us and low & behold the angles in heaven began to sing and play their harps....::::::ahhhhhhh::::: we talked til the light turned green and then Chris & his buddy motioned for us to pull over into the next parking lot(and of course, being the super smart teenager I was...I DID!) We talked and walked up and down the beach all night long and well into the wee hours of the morning. The next day me & my girlfriend were laying out on the beach when something all the sudden something blocked out my sun rays...what in the world???....I squinted & opened my eyes to see Chris standing above me....MAN he's good! He found me AGAIN...amoung all the people laying out in MB he found ME! We spent that day together laying out and playing at the beach. The next day he had to leave but promised he would be back the next weekend with his brother(Chris was in the army at that time and stationed only 3 hrs away from MB) I watched him drive away a little heart broken and with the thought that he wouldn't hold true to his promise and come back on Friday. My vacation week continued with daily sunning on the beach and nightly parting and crusing the strip. When Friday rolled around and we were "again crusing the strip" I kept passing a guy who kept waving at me...IT WAS HIM! To shorten the story up, we spent that weekend together and then he left for Georgia and I headed home to KY, he promised he would call write & keep in touch...he kept his promise & we have been together ever since!!!

7. Do I play an instrument?

you can't be serious!!!!I can't even drive a stick shift and you want me to play and instrument....HAHAHAHA!!! I wish I did, but I have horrible hand/eye coordination.

8. Do I have any tatoo's?

NO, I went with several friends during HS to watch them get theirs but I guess I never found anything I wanted to be stuck with the rest of my life.

9. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me?

ummmm...I guess i would say they fact that I walk like a duck(I was born with my hips out of socket and had to wear leg braces until I was 1 year old) I got made fun of ALOT during school. The kids would laugh and make fun of the way I walked and ran in P.E. And that has stuck with me forever. I FORBID Kyle to make fun of any child that is mentally or phyisically handicap...(Kyle has even come home from school before and started crying while telling us how kids were making fun of a mentally handicap child at his school...he has such a tender heart!) They do the best they can with what God gave them and that is all that matters!

10. Why did I start blooging?

I starting blogging in April 2009 when a friend of mine (Ashley) started one and begged me to give it a try. So I did, and now I am a self proclaimed Blog Addict and she has jumped ship and left me high & dry (you trader!!!...I know you still read my blog you turd!)...j/k she is a sweet heart and I actually owe many thanks to her. Without her, I would have never found all of you wonderful girlies!!!

11. Would I do anything diffferent in raising Kyle so far from birth til now?

That's a tuff one. I admit I have made TONS of mistakes along the way...(and I have more too come), but I wouldn't trade any of them.

12. Did I work or stay home with Kyle when he was young & would I do it different now?

I stayed home with Kyle until he was about 9 months old. After that, I had all I could take and headed back to work. I was not cut out to be a SAHM. I envy those who are but it was not for me. I am WAY too much of a people person and need adult conversation....but that was before blogs were invented..so who knows...maybe now I could handle it!!!

13. What is your perfect Friday night?

I would have to say, the perfect night would be having both my boys home. Chris cooking steaks on the grill and then hang out on the back porch listening to music with a good pina-coloada and watch the sun go down...ahhhhhhh :O)

Thanks ladies for all your questions...hope you now know & little bit more(and maybe too much)about me...and if I scared ya & you no longer want to follow my blog I totally understand :OP

~awwww...for ME!!!~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh my gosh...I got home today and checked the mail and what did I find????

I found this little brown box.....

what in the sam hill is it???

yep, that's my name alright...but what on earth could it be......

::Trish tapes chin with finger and ponders::

So this is what was hiding inside.....

A beautiful candle with MY name on it!!!!


{{don't ya just love the craptastic pic's my phone takes}}

This was a very unexpected gift from a sweet little blog buddy, Miss Jody over @ Miss Fancy Pants. Didn't she do a wonderful job...ya think she knows me well??....I would say so! I love LOVE, love candles and anything with my monogram or name on it! You guys, she is so talented and crafty it will make your head ::swoon::....and ya now what? Her hubs even gets in on arts & crafts time...AMAZING..(my hubs arts & crafts time consist of Duct Tape & super glue)

So thank you SO much Miss Fancy Pants!!!! You have really touched my heart and brought a smile to my face! You are just the SWEETEST!!!!!

Oh and don't forget to post your questions for me on my post below. I will answer them by the end of the week!

??Questions anyone??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As I sat down to do a post for today I realized that well....I have nothin...zip, zilch....NADA!!!!

I never thought I was a boring person and I rarely have calm moments in my life but right now...I guess I am very dull.

::cue sad music::

So I dug way back in my pretty little head and came up with a game you guys can play...don't ya just love games???? ME TOO(when I win that is)

I have decided to have a question & answer session...sound fun? Good! Here's how ya play, you guys post a comment and can ask me ANYTHING(within reason) about myself, motherhood, my marriage...whatever...and I will answer to best of my ability...and if I don't know the answer, well then.... I'll google it :O) Go ahead, get your guestions ready.....

So is everyone ready to start?



::ask away my friends::

...and I will answer them in tomoorows post


Dear loving son of mine with ADHD~

This letter is to remind you in advance that tonight is the start of a new season of American Idol.

As the mother who carried you around in her warm belly for nine months, suffered through 28 hours of hard labor to see your beautiful face, stayed up with you all hours of the night while you were sick, taught you how to walk, dryed your tears when you fell and held your chocolate milk puke in my bare hands I don't think it is too much for me to ask for 2 hours of peace.

This peace & quiet would require you NOT run loudly through out the house, play basketball in the living room, blare load music from you bedroom, play Rock Band so loud the ground shakes or make siren & truck engine sounds with your mouth.

I thank you in advance for the quiet evening you will allow me and I promise it will not go unnoticed....(and by this I mean a new pair of tennis shoes in your favor)

So please "Shush Boy!" and let mama watch her show!

Your loving & very patient Mother~

DUDE...where's my shoe??????

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have no real news or ground breaking things to report.

Chris is still away and won't be home until Thursday night.

Kyle is well, "Kyle", aka crazy wild teen running me ragged that acts like a 3 year old at times.

An well me...I am slowing getting back to the land of the living...except I still can't breath through my left nostril!


Kyle & I spent a great deal of the weekend collecting and scavaging around trying to find missing shoes and other things our neighbors dog had run off with...and by "run off " with, I mean marched his unwelcomed nosey hairy slobbery self in our garage and did a full Super Market Sweep of our stuff and ran off!!!!!

{{cue loading of BB gun}}

We are armed and waiting :O)

Now, before all your readers freak out I am just kidding. I would never shoot any animal....pinkie promise!

But this dog is really pushing my buttons. When I told Chris about everything he told me to stay close to the house all weekend to make sure the dog didn't drag the house off....so far so good...no house will be drug off into the sunset on my watch!

would ya look at those stripes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It has been over 2 months since Chris has been promoted to Sergeant and I am a horrible wife for just now getting around to doing a post on it...maybe he will forgive me :O)

Most of you already know the story of how the patrol gave him only a weeks notice to report to his new duty station and how we ran around as busy as a one legged man in a butt kickin contest to get everything in place in such a short amount of time. Don't get me wrong, I love the Highway Patrol and the opportunities they have given Chris in his career but for goodness sake give a wife at least 2 weeks to think will ya? Ya see, I am a planner, always have been, always will be.

Chris has been with the patrol since May 1998. It had been his childhood dream to be be a North Carolina State Trooper and I remember when we first met and he told me that he was an MP(military police) in the Army but that one day he would be a NC Trooper. So just 2 short years after we married he was accepted into patrol school and follow in the footsteps of his dad, who was also a NC trooper. Chris grew up living the patrol life and with his dad working crazy hours and putting his life on line for others everyday...for me it was a hard to get use to. The late nights, working holidays, birthdays & anniversaries was hard for me to adjust to. But now, it is not only Chris's job but has become part of all of our lives. It determines how we plan for everything!
In my opinion, Chris Chris deserves those strips more than anyone(I know,I biased) but he has worked so hard and so long. He is well respected in our community and amoung the patrol. He always puts others before himself. He knows the laws as well as he knows his name and trains other cadets "by the book".

I could not be more proud of him and his accomplishments. I will always stand behind him to pursue his dreams and be there to provide a swift kick in the tail when he doubts his ability. And who knows, maybe by the time he retires his badge will be a brass one!!!


A new look for 2010~

Friday, January 8, 2010

So I have changed my blog layout....AGAIN!!!! I know, I know, some of you just don't like changes....but....I DO!!! :O)

I get so tried of looking at the same ole' crap day after day...ya know I sometimes thing how boring it would be to be a dog just for the fact they have to eat the same boring dog food everyday and be happy with it.....okay well never mind where my mind wonders off to sometimes...

.....ANYHOW...back to my new layout...I thought the other layout with snowflakes was really cute at first but then, with this cold crap of thing called winter that has been making me heat run non-stop in the house and then adding me with a case of the flu made me yearn for something warmer, more bright and cheerful so I found this cute little tid bit of sunshine...and ya know a girl can't go wrong with some pink.

Hope you guys like it! Have a great weekend!

Lookie at what I won ya'll

Ain't she just cute!!! I just love it.....

what was that you ask????

what is it????

well it's a cute little key chain ball-er-thingy...


I won a giveaway hosted by Lee over @ chezwest.blogspot.com. I was soooo excited cause I couldn't even win free air to breath with all my bad luck!!!!

You can go to shopportunityonline.com and take a look at all the awesome cute girlie things they have to offer.

Thanks again to Lee for a wonderful gift!!!

Yay for me!!!!!

I'm still alive...I think???

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...or at least I can still feel the aches so I guess if I feel pain I must be alive! It started when I woke up sunday morning with a sore throat, aches and a fever. I took it like a "big girl" and ran as fast as I could to my doctor Monday morning. After waiting for what seemed like forever to see the doctor I thought I heard the words flu come out of his mouth....

"you have the flu"

"say huh?"

"Yes,the flu"

"but I got a flu shot!"

"you have type B flu, the shots cover only type A"

"well thats nice to know...NOW!"
(nice to know they come with their own letters too)

so now I am home all drugged up with Tamiflu, a Z-Pack, cough syrup with codiene and tylenol for the aches & fever. The Dr. has taken me out of work until Friday. He said that I need to stay out of the public for 5 days from when the fever began. And to honest, I thought I would feel alot better today but I don't...my head is now all stopped up and it takes all the energy I have just to breath!

Now that I have Kyle on the bus and headed off to school I I headed back to bed......

nighty nite

Famous people I met in 2009

Saturday, January 2, 2010

These pictures were taken when I went to Madam T's while in New York City. They were all made of wax and where built to the real persons exact height & measurements. It was really awesome to go through and be able to pose with each one and get right up next to them. Some others I saw and didn't include pictures of were Yoa Ming(Basketball player) and he was sooooooo tall! The Hulk(he was HUGE!!!) John Wayne, Don King, Obama and his oval office, I Love Lucy, and Rachael Ray! If you ever get to go to NYC I would highly recommend you take time out of your trip to go and pay this place a visit...well worth the money!

Marilyn & Jackie O

Brittany Spears (I just wanted to snatch her up by her hair and tell her to get some clothes on and start acting like a Momma!)

Simon Cowell

The Spice Girls(with a little extra sugar for good measure..hehehe)


Princess Di

Honest Abe

The Osbourne's & me without a "U"

Paris Hilton

Julia Roberts offers me her seat

Smiley Miley

Brad & Angie (they must have had a sitter for the night cause I didn't see any of their kidlets running around)

Oprah..I think this was back whenshe lost all her weight....hehehe


Jim Cary

If I only I had met tehm for real! Oh well, maybe I will one day...here's to wishing!

Ringing it in...solo!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Well, 2010 is here and a brand spanking new decade is amoung us!

This New Years Eve I did something I've never done before in my entire life....I welcomed in the new decade....ALL ALONE! Yep, that's right, Chris is back to work in his new county and won't be back home until Monday and well, Kyle left about 4pm to go spend the night with a friend(TRADER!). So I sucked it up and took it like a girl(which included running out to grab a qucik dinner and a trip to Blockbuster for movies). The dinner was wonderful and the movie I watched was so funny it made me snort out load....don't judge me...it was funny! If you have not seen The Proposal, you HAVE to rent it(I give it 2 thumbs and 1 wine cooler up)....anyhow....back to my oh so fun filled New Years Eve night....

....are you asleep yet, reading about my boring evening???? If you are, I would not blame you in the least bit...I barely made until midnight myself! So at 11:58 I dial Chris's number, that is something we have always done ever year he has had to work. We would always just be on the phone together when the chimes rang out 12...but what was that I heard on the line....just a constant unanswered ring......WHAT???...no answer???...doesn't he know what time it is???.....and then just like that, with his voicemail talking in my ear....

the clock struck 12....
it was over....
it was here....
where was Chris.....
a new decade.......

....and I was all alone just holding the phone. No one to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR to, no husband to blow kisses over the phone to.

At 12:03 he answered his phone with a very gruff "HELLO!"
"well Happy New Year to you my wonderful hubs"
"where the hellopete have you been?"
"I had a car stopped"
"right at midnight...are you serious?!"

...didn't he know it was coming...DUH!

...couldn't he have just driven with his eyes closed for just a few minutes so as not to notice all the drunks driving on the highway?????....NO WAY! Not on his watch, no sirree!

So, we talked a few minutes and wished each other Happy New Year and told each other how much we loved & missed one another and then hung up. I went straight to bed and he went back to make some ones New Year the best evah! hehehe

ahhhhhh, the wife of a State Trooper.

...and to add more pity to my party...I never got a text back from my bf in Kentucky to say Happy New Year(she better have lost her phone in some bar cause that's the only good excuse I am taking right now cause other wise, I will start taking applications to fill her best friend position first think Monday morning!)

...and Kyle, I still haven't heard from him either! He never called or sent me a Happy New Year text either, so he is now grounded until his wedding day!

so enough about my night, how the heck was yours??????