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My Prize!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A few weeks ago I entered a "Pay It Forward" game over at TCKK's blog and I won!!!!!
Three snaps in a circle for me...YIPEE!!!

Anyway, back to my wonderful goodies I received in the mail today from Cathy.....they are awesome!!!!!

She gave me 2 jars of jam...who doesn't love fresh jam in the fall???? And maybe if I hide it in the waaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaay back of the fridge I will be able to enjoy some of the sweet goodness. Cause you know men, if they open the fridge and don't see what they are in the mood for, they are sure not going to go through all the trouble to move the milk jug out of the way to look deeper!!!!!

She also sent me to Christmas ornaments. And that my friend hit the nail on the head!!! I love Christmas and ever little detail about it....the decorating, cooking, Christmas music...ahhhhhh, I can hear Bing Crosby in the back ground now!!!! Oh, what was I saying.....oh that's right.....the ornaments...I have an annual "Dirty Santa" ornament exchange at my house every Decemeber. All my freinds come and bring a wrapped Christmas ornament and we all fight to death for the prettiest one. Sure does make you get the Christmas spirit huh???

Here are some pic's of my gifts. Sorry but I took them with my cell phone so they are not the clearest.

So thank you Cathy for my wonderful prize!!!!! It really made my day!!!!!

So now I have to turn around and "Pay it Forward" to one of my wonderful readers. So stay tuned for my post so you can enter to win my game....maybe you can win!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It's always fun to win isn't it, even if it's a tube of hair gel. LOL!

E @ Scottsville said...

Congrats!!! You know you owe it all to me, right? See although you did not win mine, Cathy did. Because she won, she held her contest, which in turn allowed you to win HERS.

So you see, you really should be thanking MEEEEEEE! j/k

I love Cathy! I'm glad you BOTH got to win. =0)

TCKK said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your gift. Thank you for playing along. As a result, I'm having fun reading your blog and getting to know you. Take care and enjoy your gift.

Aleta said...

How neat! I really like this idea! Ok, I'm following you now!

Tamela said...

Cute!! mm homemade jam is the bestest!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I did one of these about a month ago and it was fun! I loved getting stuff and giving stuff! Jam? Awesome!

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