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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kyle "We had a chapter test in Mr. Phillipe's class today."

Me "you did? How did you do?"

Kyle "I made the highest grade in the class, well actually he said I made the highest in all his periods!"

Me "wow, great job!"

Kyle "yep, I made a 66"

Me {{GASP}} " You made a 66!!!!! Is he gonna allow a retest or grade on a curve?"

Kyle "why would I want him to do that? I made the highest grade in the class!"

Me speechles......

Note to self....still celebrate even lifes smallest achievements....

*****Kyle made the highest test grade in the class**********

I think I am going to mount and frame the test for him :O)

Now for a poem I thought was very fitting to go along with this post.

~Depends On The Day~

Some days are so fabulous, I just know I love my son more than any other Mother - in the history of Mothers- ever loved her child.

The day after that, I am usualyy left wondering if I am qualified to babysit a June Bug!!!!!


Tamela said...

Well congrats for making the highest grade. Sounds like it was a killer test! I would have reacted the same way though!

TCKK said...

Well, at least it was the highest of everyone! lol

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Lol! I'm promise I'm not laughing at you.

OMG! I just had a parent teacher conference on Tuesday and was totally shocked that my son is passing all his tests with 90's & 100's but, isn't doing his class work and not turning in all his homework or his binders for binder checks. (This is bringing his grades down) FAIL
Today is the last day of the 1st marking period! I don't even want to see his report card.

The way our children think amazes me! :-)
Oh! Now following your blog...

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