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Friday, October 30, 2009

I bet you can never guess what was going on at my house at 3:30 this morning??? I was pulled awake out of my blissfull slumber to a glowing light coming from the kitchen. Could it be that the Great Pumpkin is paying me a visit early????

No so much! I staggered toward the kitchen as I hear faint little beeps....the microwave????? Is it possible????? What in the sam hill......

As I turn the corner what do I see?????? Kyle, putting something in the microwave!

Me "What are you doing?"

Kyle, "making me some chicken nuggets"

Me "but it's 3:30 in the morning!"

Kyle "but I'm hungary"

Me "well just hurry up and be quite!"

Kyle "okay, do ya want some?"

Me "nah, I'm good!"


Then I shuffle bag to my warm bed and Chris rolls over to ask what is going on.

Me "your son is in the kitchen making chicken nuggets"

Chris "to be sure not"

Me "yep"

Chris "k, nite"

Me "night"

......I new the Great Pumpkin would let me down again this year!

I will try and post pictures of me in my costume later today.....stay tuned!!!!


Tamela said...

hahahaha chicken nugget craving at 3:30 in the morning...hilarious!

oooo I can't wait to see wait they are! Then I can do my own pay it forward!

E @ Scottsville said...

OH come let me know when you get your picture posted so I am sure not to miss it!!!!

Yea, boys eat a TON---- trust me, with three of 'em, I would KNOW!

TCKK said...

Kids are so funny!! Nuggets in the middle of the night huh?!? Love it. Love the picture of the pumpkin on your post too. Looking forward to the costume.

Jules said...

I love kids! That sounds like something my son would've done when he was younger.

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