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Top Ten Thursday!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh it's that time of week again...time for Top Ten Thursday brought to you by
Sara@ Domestically Challanged.

Today's feature is the top ten things I do that drive my husband CRAZY!!!! Geeeeezzzzzz, I only get to pick 10!!!!! Maybe he should have done this post :O)
Anyway here we go....and these are in random order too.....

1. I move stuff somewhere else after he leaves it on the counter!!!!

2. I tend to let our son get away with too much...but I'm his Momma...I just can't help it sometimes!

3. I complain when I have to clean allllllll the hardwood & tile floors in our house...his theory is, "you wanted em' you clean em...and I don't want to hear you complain about it!"....the worst part is...he's right!

4. I pout when I don't get my way...always have...always will!

5. I brush my teeth at his sink even though I have my very own on the other side of the bath room....what can I say, "his water taste better over there"

6. I just HAD to have a 12 foot Christmas tree when we built our new house with 19 foot ceilings...and it comes in 5 pieces and takes two ladders, a forklift, a crane, and the MOST wonderful husband in the world to assemble it ever year!!! But you she how BEAUTIFUL it is when it's all up and decorated...ahhhhhhh!!!!

7. I refuse to learn how to work the DVD player or all the countless remotes that go to God knows what.

8. He hates that fact that I ask him almost daily if he has had any vegatables...I have to make sure both my boys are eating right.

9. I talk on the phone WAY TOO MUCH.

10. I speak my mind WAY too much sometimes. If I don't like something, I'm gonna tell ya about it!

So there ya go!!! Hope you enjoyed my list!!!!!!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sweet! You sound so much like me. Now I cannot wait until Christmas to see pics of this new tree.
I went to Target and bought a vacuum/sweeper thing last night, it is cordless and sucks everything up. I am hoping that saves me from scrubbing!!

Tamela said...

hahah I move stuff all the time off the counter. That drives me crazy with all his stuff cluttering it up. Especially when its on the coffee table! Don't get me started on that!!!

TCKK said...

Too funny! Yep I do some of those things. Probably the pouting one fits me pretty well, although I hate to admit it!

jenn said...

very funny :o)

i should have put the 'talking on the phone too much' on my list!!!

InspiredDreamer said...

That's great! I'm used to people making lists of what their significant other does to tick them off, never the other way around! I bet if everyone made lists like this, their relationships would improve dramatically!

Becky said...

Sounds like a pretty normal list to me:) Lol! You are a princess that's all. Me too!!! ( the Christmas tree, bathroom sink, pouting,getting your way)...it goes with being a girl, or the wife, or IDK maybe it's just us...but it works for me!!!

Love it!!

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